Just sitting here reflecting on all that has transpired this passed year. Growth both mentally + physically have been in my forefront. Still healing yet still so much love. I feel blessed beyond words. I am because we are. My advice? . Never give up on your vision, Never. 💫 . Tonight’s TUΣSDΛY░TΛLKS © brought to you by our winner from last week! @bithamarie 🎀 . • S U C C E S S • . I invite you all to pause for a moment + q u e s t i o n 1. What does success look like to you? 2. Why is it important? Or maybe 3. How can we acknowledge even our “smallest” of achievements with more love? . If you’re down to spark + share your thoughts on how you measure success, I’m all ears!👇🏼 . Alsooo I’ll be drawling a winner for next weeks topic on Friday! Comments count as entries!! #FUNFACT : I’ll be responding via stories so stay tuuuned #hehe 👻🧠💭