Happy Wednesday, Tribe! . Fun fact about ya girl: In culinary school, one of my favorite classes was soups and stocks. And to this day, soups, stews, chowders etc are my absolute favorite dishes to create! I just love building all of these levels of flavor in just one pot! So, as you can imagine, I am super excited about the approaching fall season! . Now that I get to break out the hearty comfort meals, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share my award winning chili recipe! Now the version in the video was a totally organic version I was trying out for Ashton so the beer is missing (I couldn’t find organic beer🙄) BUT the actual recipe has all of the ingredients (I prefer the original recipe🤤) 🙌🏽 click the link in my bio for the recipe! . . #dinner #dinnerrecipes #recipes #fallrecipes #chili #chilirecipes #chilli #yummy #delicious #mmm #nomnom #easyrecipes #beefrecipes

@chicdivageek I love a good chili! Going to try it!


@chocl8fashnpr Love chili! So fast and easy to make.


@m0nicakes Can’t wait to try this, imma wait for it to get colder tho fren 😂


@mommyonthemove I loooove chili! I’ll have to check it out!


@like_thesunrise Chili is my fave to eat and make!


@cupidsaaro Can we get a crab bisque recipe??