Auch wenn es enorm viel Spaß macht männliche Charaktere zu cosplayn... fehlt es mir enorm wieder mehr weibliche zu machen >~< Aber... die nächsten Projekte werden definitiv hauptsächlich weibliche Charaktere sein~ 🥰 . . . Photo by @cosplay.fotos / @photopippo 🙇🏻‍♀️💖

@xbroccoliboi 2B FOR LIFE. I accidentally , liked, unliked, and liked this again so im sorry if insta did a thing possibly 3x's for this i gess they were saying I love this 100x's and there's no way to explain it through words.


@bts_vkook217 Helloy.If you don't mind subscribe to my account.I shall be very glad of your presence.Sorry to bother you


@misha_spiller Sieht so unglaublich schön aus 🧡