Chris Deez

Chris Deez

Hi, I'm Chris. Why yes, I do like Zelda. How could you tell? *** 😂😂💚💚 *** I like changing up my keyrings every now and then... and I especially like it when they're Zelda themed! *** IG partners! @tallgirlgamer @gaming_sawyer @retro_licker @itsameamiibo @nintendosblueprint @legendofsteph @get_switched_on @_gamer_chris @videogamehunter007 @motoko.xo @looks_like_nintendo @nintendoswitch86 @legendofgermany_collection @2girlsandaconsole @volcanoboygames
Beautiful sunny day outside.... let's wear black and grey! 😂😎☀️ *** What's your favourite gaming tee? I love my DOOM one ❤ *** My IG partners will certainly get rid of the doom and gloom! @tallgirlgamer @gaming_sawyer @retro_licker @itsameamiibo @nintendosblueprint @legendofsteph @get_switched_on @_gamer_chris @videogamehunter007 @motoko.xo @looks_like_nintendo @nintendoswitch86 @legendofgermany_collection @2girlsandaconsole @volcanoboygames
New gamer alert! Fire Pro Wrestling World! *** Been after this one for SUCH a long time. I'm a huge wrestling fan, it's every bit as important to me as video games ate so I'm really excited to give this a go! The Fire Pro games have always been a lot of fun, very different to the more mainstream 2k WWE games, but unfortunately don't tend to do too well on this side of the world! *** Anyone else given this a go? *** @tallgirlgamer @gaming_sawyer @retro_licker @itsameamiibo @nintendosblueprint @legendofsteph @get_switched_on @leliana_moon @_gamer_chris @videogamehunter007 @motoko.xo @looks_like_nintendo @nintendoswitch86 @legendofgermany_collection @mortaljinx @2girlsandaconsole @volcanoboygames
New and improved Fallout shelf, now featuring Piper and Hancock! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I spend far too much money on POP Vinyls 😂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Put this lot on a shelf and show them off! @tallgirlgamer @gaming_sawyer @retro_licker @itsameamiibo @nintendosblueprint @legendofsteph @get_switched_on @leliana_moon @_gamer_chris @videogamehunter007 @motoko.xo @looks_like_nintendo @nintendoswitch86 @legendofgermany_collection @mortaljinx @2girlsandaconsole @volcanoboygames
🎶 Guess who's back, back again, NINTENDEEZ IS BACK, with some games!🎶 *** Recent pick ups! *** It's been ages since I posted and I had completely lost my IG mojo, but I'm happy to report normal service is resumes! I've picked up some cracking games recently... what are you playing at the moment? *** Check out the finest group of people Instagram has to offer! @tallgirlgamer @gaming_sawyer @retro_licker @itsameamiibo @nintendosblueprint @legendofsteph @get_switched_on @leliana_moon @_gamer_chris @videogamehunter007 @motoko.xo @looks_like_nintendo @nintendoswitch86 @legendofgermany_collection @mortaljinx @2girlsandaconsole @volcanoboygames
Hello. I am Chris. I am good at Arcade machines 😁 2000 in 2 days! *** Having a lovely time in Weymouth with @hanahollywood on a family holiday. Burnt knees aside it has been lots of fun! *** @gaming_sawyer @retro_licker @itsameamiibo @nintendosblueprint @legendofsteph @get_switched_on @leliana_moon @_gamer_chris @videogamehunter007 @motoko.xo @looks_like_nintendo @nintendoswitch86 @legendofgermany_collection @mortaljinx @2girlsandaconsole @volcanoboygames
This lot for £10... another great car boot find! *** I really just can't be bothered to post anymore, I'm in a bit of a slump at the moment. This is like my red post in about as many weeks. I've joined the growing list of people who are fed up and tired of Instagram. This might even be my last post... not sure yet. *** IG Partners: @gaming_sawyer @retro_licker @itsameamiibo @nintendosblueprint @legendofsteph @get_switched_on @leliana_moon @_gamer_chris @videogamehunter007 @motoko.xo @looks_like_nintendo @nintendoswitch86 @legendofgermany_collection @mortaljinx @2girlsandaconsole @volcanoboygames
Car booting done right 😁 All of this for only £60 because the guy was getting ready to leave. All untested but even if they need some work doing I'm pretty happy with that! *** Did anyone else find any bargains today? *** @gaming_sawyer @itsameamiibo @get_switched_on @nintendosblueprint @legendofsteph @leliana_moon @_gamer_chris @videogamehunter007 @motoko.xo @looks_like_nintendo @nintendoswitch86 @legendofgermany_collection @mortaljinx @2girlsandaconsole @volcanoboygames
Not the best photo in the world I know, but I've not posted in over a week so this'll have to do! *** Absolutely loving Dragon Quest Builders 2 so far. It improves on everything that the first game did, even though it didn't need to, and is so far my GOTY for 2019. Loads of little extra touches and tweaks have made this an absolute joy to play, build, create and revive Furrowfield Farm back to it's old glories! *** IG Partners 4eva IDST ❤ @gaming_sawyer @itsameamiibo @get_switched_on @nintendosblueprint @legendofsteph @leliana_moon @_gamer_chris @videogamehunter007 @motoko.xo @looks_like_nintendo @nintendoswitch86 @legendofgermany_collection @mortaljinx @2girlsandaconsole @volcanoboygames
Platinum Trophy #34... Far Cry 3 Classic Edition. *** Another masterpiece of a game. A lot of people talk crap about the Far Cry series but it's 100% my favourite game series. Nonsense, explosions, hunting, wingsuits, more explosions... and most importantly FUN 💚 *** @gaming_sawyer @itsameamiibo @get_switched_on @nintendosblueprint @legendofsteph @leliana_moon @videogamehunter007 @motoko.xo @looks_like_nintendo @nintendoswitch86 @legendofgermany_collection @mortaljinx @2girlsandaconsole @volcanoboygames