Embrace your inner parkour ninja with the new Ledge Grab feature. Leap long distances and get the drop on the competition!
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Hey Kaymind, LosHD is calling you out!
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Surprises for everyone! Join @Kaymind, @Shroud and others for their #PUBG #nuggetoftheweek spotlights! Watch the full video on our Twitter/Facebook or Youtube!
The World’s Top #PUBG Talent heads to Seoul, South Korea to battle for glory in PUBG's Nations Cup August 9 - 11! Learn more at
The Deagle is newest weapon to master in #PUBG! This handgun has the highest pistol damage in the game and can be fitted with all pistol attachments for max accuracy. Drop in now and give it a test drive.
Patch 30 has dropped onto PC Test Server! ✔New high damage Deagle pistol ✔Amphibious BRDM-2 vehicle ✔Ledge Grab movement system ✔Exploding Gas Cans Full Patch Notes at the link in our bio.
Well that's unfortunate.
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There's smooth, and then there's Kaymind
Get to the PC test server before 8PM PDT tonight to play Erangel's Visual Update. Drop in now!