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I've never gotten the "War" question but this made me laugh so hard. #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #meme #fun
I love crocheting, Making a Change purse for my niece. look at the colors! #Crochet #blessing #crafts #TheWinterFangirl
Hey friends! I have a short story that I published a year ago and I am very passionate about it. It's entitled "Misadventures of a famous fangirl:comic con" Last weekend I missed @tomholland2013 at my own Comic con @fanxsaltlake and I'm kind of sad about it so I thought I'd cheer myself up by having a sale. You can get my book for free on Amazon Kindle. Did I say it was free???? MOAFF tells the story of Olivia Kent and Emma Randall. Olivia and Emma head off to Comic con to promote Olivia's movie "Conspiracy theory" and an event at the Con makes Olivia reconsider her celebrity life. I am very passionate about this story and eagerly writing more. My goal is to have 100 downloads by the end of the week. Link in bio! #FanX19 #TomHolland #TheWinterFangirl #SaltLake #IndieAuthor #writing #ComicCon #FanX #Amazon #Published
Today I'm on a bus going home. I spent the last two weeks at a family members house. It's such a blessing to be so close to them now! This week was @fanxsaltlake and I'm pretty sad that I'm not there. I had an epiphany that I've already shared in posts before where I talked about dreaming. But as Albus Dumbledore stated "it does not do too well, to dwell on dreams and forget to live" Meaning just dreaming is going to get you nothing. You got to plan for it! I feel like I have at least a year to plan what I got up my sleeve. Don't rush those dreams cause "over night success" is a fantasy. #FanX19 #dreams #TheWinterFangirl #workit
I recently watched this movie with @gerardbutler and it took me awhile to figure out why I love it. This movie is about mourning and moving on from it. What did I have to mourn? No one I love has died tragically like in the story. But I was mourning the loss of my arm. It sucks to lose a limb. You feel so ugly and gross. There are days Where I sleep the day away cause I just feel so unlovable. This movie made me realize there's life after heartache. There's dreams and special moments. It's up to us to find them. I can't wait to find mine. #GerardButler #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #PSILoveYou
Something cool has happened to me and I wanted to keep it to myself but I decided to talk about it. Yesterday I went on a date with myself. Having a budding crush on @gerardbutler I went to see #AngelHasFallen I did this after seeing "PS I Love You" and this story is about finding yourself after heart ache. I've never been in love but I've had heartache. A lot of it. I know others have gone through more so I try not to complain. But my goodness, getting your arm amputated sucks. After I lost my arm, I lost the ability to dream. My hopes and thoughts of how my future will be became dark. I HATED it. I wanted to dream. I wanted to write. I wanted to live that dream. My date with myself made me dream again. I've been writing all day. I've been dreaming all day. Life seems so spectacular. I haven't felt that way for more than an hour since my arm got amputated. I'm going almost 48 hrs now. I hope it stays! Don't be afraid to dream. But also, don't be afraid to live. The world will kick you down ten ways until Sunday but don't let it win. Don't let it break your heart, let it make you stronger. #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #GerardButler #fangirl
Today I decided to look at this picture my sister took hours after my arm was amputated. I haven't really looked at it since the amputation even though I've thought about it a lot. I have felt like an idiot for how happy I was because of how depressed I ended up being by December. That smile was genuine. I knew because of a blessing from God that I was going to lose my arm. Therefore God was going to make everything alright. Right? I'm healthy and happy today. And most importantly, pain-free. But getting here has been far from painless. You're not stupid or lack faith if Whatever trial you're going through causes you emotional pain. It means you're alive and you're still fighting. Wherever you are don't Stop fighting. #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #friends #FEARLESSFAVA #FAVA #ORPHANDISEASES #PTEN #CHRONICPAIN #GodWhoStays
Pretty bored and tired tonight. Life seems to be pretty heavy for me at the moment and I don't even know Why. Isn't it funny how life works like that? But I'm Working really hard on just being myself. Doing things I know I should be doing. I started writing Short movie reviews on instagram if anyone wants to get in on that action. @iwatchmovies23 #TheWinterFangirl #Iwatchmovies #LifeUpdate
I got a new pair of glasses! I think they fit my face a lot better. Even though I'm still partial to the black rims! lol I've been thinking a lot about how my life has changed after my amputation. DO I still want the things in life that I always have wanted? Is there a new adventure waiting for me? The only thing I know for certain is that there is life after trauma, no matter what that trauma is. You are still breathing and you can rebuild your life the way you want to. How exciting is that? #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #tenfingersareoverrated #LuckyFinProject #Trauma
When I lost my arm a lot of people who would comfort me would say "I don't know what you're going through" I would always think of the "FRIENDS" episode "The one with Pheobes Dad" where Joey says "I know exactly what she's going through" And Monica replies "How do you know what she's going through" Joey responds "Cause she told me" Obviously telling someone doesn't automatically let them know what they are going through. But one person asked me what it was like during my darkest days after my surgery. When's the last time you asked someone what they're going through? Why is this so hard in our society? I'm not blaming anyone. I am beyond grateful for the help I received. But as respectful as "I don't know what you're going through" is, it made me feel slightly unheard. Talk to your friends when they're going through something hard. Listen to what they have to say. They will appreciate you more. #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #friends
I finished a Skein of yarn today. I'm in the middle of making a tiny bag. This morning I Woke up from a dream that really depressed me. It made me cry. But that's the way life is sometimes. You just have things that cause you distress and you gotta Cope with it the best you know how. Me? I talked to a friend and crocheted while watching Avengers Endgame. What are your go to coping strategies? #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #coping #Avengers #Endgame
I picked up my laptop for the first time in months. I have always loved writing and have had this story in my heart for over ten years. I'm so ready to finish it! I wish I can say I've always worked hard on this, but honestly, I haven't. some of it is my fault, some of it has to do with my mental and phsyical health. But I know no matter what, writing will always be my first love. Don't ever give up on your dreams! #TheWinterFangirl #livingthedream #dreams #writing #IndieAuthor #GiftOfForgiveness
Today I found out I had to take MORE pills for an overactive bladder. It sucks, but talking to my friend @marvellatte I realized something. Things can be worse. I see a lot of doctors to manage my cowdens, My depression, and amputation. But in the grand Scheme of things, I'm healthy. and considering cowdens comes with cancer I should enjoy my health while I have it, even if I have to take a bunch of pills. Being healthy is a gift, don't waste it. #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #Cowdens #Pten #ChronicPain #FAVA
Today marks 1 year since I had a very moving experience with my Heavenly father. It started with a horrible panic attack. Then a Priesthood Blessing. It ended with a still small voice told me I was going to lose my arm. I'm not saying losing my arm was easy. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But I like being right, when everyone else thought I was being crazy😂 But it's been really hard to get back to that place. To know that Heavenly Father has got my back. I geuss I'm just not in a good place. But even if I'm not there, I know Heavenly Father is there. When I am able, he'll welcome me with open arms. That means everything to me. #Amputee #OneArmFangirl is #TheWinterFangirl #FearlessFava #OrphanDiseases #Pten #ChronicPain #FAVA #LDS #Priesthood #PrinceOfPeace
I finished my hat today While watching Avengers Infinity war and of Course Endgame! It's very yellowy but I love it! It's the first thing I've made and finished since losing my arm and I'm only going to go up from here! #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #NeverGiveUp #avengers #infinitywar #Endgame
Excuse me talking lol. Here's a video of me crocheting some of y'all have asked for. #Crocheting #TheWinterFangirl #ampstrong #tenfingersareoverrated
I've said it once, I'll say it a million times I love crocheting. When I lost my arm I felt like my one talent was gone. I made dresses for my niece to meet @evangelinelillyofficial . I made a dress to meet @jamesroday . I've made hats and scarves for homeless people. It's been a talent of mine since I was12 years old. Relearning how to crochet sucks. I'm so slow at it. The pineapple hat I am making took me hours to do. when I had two hands it only took me 3 hours to make the entire thing. My favorite show is Psych. I especially love the fandom that comes with it. Shawn Spencer started over with his Psych agency in San Francisco after building one in Santa Barbra. I'm starting over with crocheting and my prosthetic arm (An arm Psycho's actually helped me get) Never give up. set backs and trials happen. But you can always find a way to fight it. Another thing Psycho's did for me after I lost my arm is had @omundson write me a message of hope, something I remember everyday. Him suffering a stroke, I knew he knew what it was like to lose function of your left arm. IDK maybe I'm just being a silly goose and not making much sense. But I just want everyone to know there is life after trauma, Whatever that may be. You just have to fight. Fight for your Independance. Fight for life. #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #Psych #EvangelineLilly #theWasp #ShawnSpencer #Lassie #Lassister #JamesRoday #TimothyOmundson #Omundson
Getting back to something I really enjoy doing. After I got my arm, I was super excited when I taught myself how to crochet. But depression and just life caused me to put the hook down. Depression sucks. Life sometimes sucks. But don't let it Keep you from things that will make you happy. ( I mean this quite literally, crocheting is the number one hobby you can do to curb depression) I can easily have found another hobby. No one would have blamed me for it either. Even though learning to crochet with a prosthetic put me back in the beginning, I will never give up on it. #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #crocheting #washcloth
Today I went to church and bore my testimony. I also shared in Sunday School. All in my new ward, it was kind of scary! I shared how before I lost my arm I got a Priesthood blessing. After the blessing I was certain that I was going to lose my arm. I pushed for medical decisions that'll cost me my arm. (It was the doctor who met me in the middle and tried to remove FAVA) Having a rare disease is super scary. I'm thankful I was able to get past it like I did. Especially When so many people are still fighting. I didn't give up though, I just chose the best path for me. Everyone thought I was crazy for thinking I was going to lose my arm (I LOVE being right) Chose your own path. Whatever it may be. #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #ChildhoodDiseases #Pten #Cowdens #FAVA #ChooseYourOwnPath
I'm back! Sorry guys for being gone for so long. I decided to take a break from sending out these messages. Family and also depression Kept me away as well. Yesterday, I was not in a good mood. I hated myself. After talking about it with a really good friend I felt a lot better. I'm working hard on losing weight and trying to be healthier. Let's see what happens! #TheWinterFangirl #Depression #losingweight
A few nights ago, I realized something, I wasn't me anymore. I stopped dreaming. I stopped believing I could do the things I believed in. That I could get married, that I can have a good literary career. That I could have children. My dreams ended the day I lost my arm. In the words of @matthewjwest "Open your eyes, open your eyes, and dream again" What I went through was valid and takes awhile to get pass. Hell, I'm not sure you can ever get pass it. When we go through these things, it feels like you could die. You may want to like I did. If you're in the spot I was in a few days ago, I invite you to Dream Again. But also remember the quote from Albus Dumbledore "It does not do us well, to dwell on dreams and forget to live." #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AmpStrong #mentalhealth #Suicide #depressionsucks #harrypotter #FearlessFava #OrphanDiseases #Pten
A year ago, I was sitting in a doctor's office, annoyed cause I was in pain, it was like 100 degrees outside, and a bunch of other reasons. I really didn't want to be there. I had lost count how many different doctors I've been to with no relief. But relief was on the way. The doctor told me I had a disease called "Fibro adipose vascular anomoly" or FAVA. I was so happy just to have answers that I didn't care the prognosis. The chances of me having a working arm after this was tiny. Due to location it was about 4% I eventually pushed for an amputation. Most people looked at me like I was crazy but I wanted no hand over a dead one. I met an orthopedic surgeon by the name of Dr. Jones. He listened to my plight, as much as he could hear through my sobs. He made me a deal to try and remove the tumor and if he couldn't he'd amputate. A year later it's a hundred degrees outside, but I'm not in pain. I'm grateful. It's hard to be in pain with no relief. Even harder to not know What's wrong with you. I'll admit, suicide was on my mind a lot towards the end. But please hold on. You're Closer than you think you are! #THEWINTERFANGIRL #AMPUTEELIFE #SCARS #AMPUTEE #YOUARENOTALONE #FEARLESSFAVA #Fava #OrphanDiseases #Pten #ChronicPain
Everyday I try to put on my prosthetic to try and work with it. Unfortunately, I probably won't get the hang of it until I get an occupational therapist help on it. So I don't really wear my prosthetic outside this hour or two. Prosthetics are fascinating! #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #AMPStrong
Here are two pictures of my favorite heroes from the MCU. @clarkgregg AND @imsebastianstan I used to be a regular white American. I got to see people who looked like me on TV. I got representation, or at least as much as I could. Losing my arm gave me a new perspective. Bucky and Agent Coulson gave me someone to look up to. I spent the holidays in a mental hospital after losing my arm due to depression. Imagine how happy I was when I got to watch Captain America. How happy I am When Agent Coulson jokes about his arm l ike fellow amputees do. It may seem dumb to be 27 and care so much. But When I got to meet Clark Gregg at @fanxsaltlake and got to ask him about his character being an amputee, he told me he wanted to honor "amputees like me" and spent time with some in California. (Probably where he knew to make jokes about it) I had a huge smile on my face, the first one since I lost my arm. So I don't care if it's dumb. Representation really matters. If not for adults, for kids who have these issues like me. #ClarkGregg #SebastianStan #AgentCoulson #BuckyFeels #BuckyBarnes #amputeeLife #TheWinterFangirl #Amplify #AmpStrong #MCU #FANGIRL #FANDOMS
I'm starting to do more working out. I'm tired of living overweight. I didn't do a lot this morning but it was raining. But I am going it later today for more walking! So we will see what happens! #DayOne #WorkOut #TheWinterFangirl #HealthyLiving #LetsDoThis
When you have nothing to say so you kind of just quit instagram for awhile. Life is funny like that don't you think? Ups and downs and all kinds of sideways. But you always have something to say. Don't let anyone tell you Otherwise. I geuss it takes a lot of work, and nothing I should be preaching about. But it's true! #TheWinterFangirl #SomethingToSay #FearlessFava #OrphanDiseases
One year ago I found out I had an "Unusual Malformation" in my arm. None of my doctors knew what it was. So they sent me to the Children's hospital in Utah. Malformations are a collection of veins that causes a lump in the body. But this one had muscles involved. That's What FAVA is. 2018 was one of the worse years of my life. I didn't know at the time how hard it would be to lose my arm. I didn't even know what "Fibro-adipose vascular anamoly" was. I didn't know how broken and torn up and chewed up I would be. It was something I literally didn't know if I could survive. Today, I'm Okay. I'm not where I want to be, but I am happy. Happiness isn't measured by what you get. If we always get what we want, can we really know how amazing joy really is? You can be happy now! - Dieter F. Uctdorf #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #scars #Amputee #youarenotalone #FearlessFava #OrphanDiseases #Pten #ChronicPain #FAVA #DieterFUchtdorf #happiness #Joy #ChurchOfJesusChrist #LDS
Hello Friends! It's your friendly neighborhood Holley! I am busy being with my family for the Summer. We have been doing things like going to Hershey Park and just playing with my niece and nephews. Life makes some unexpected turns now doesn't it? Beginning of the year I was so depressed. I didn't know if I would Survive. Look where I am at now! #TheWinterFangirl #Depression #ItEnds #IPromise #HoldOn
Please allow me to be real here for a moment. I know posting about my battles has taken a back seat, and I have Several good excuses, but really, I don't want to give one. I just wanted a break. I'm not guilt tripping myself, I don't have to Share anything on here if I don't want to. But I am humbled at the fact that allowing people to see my life has helped people with their own journeys. Whether you share the same diseases that I do or not. I look at my FB memories everyday. This time last year I had a biopsy I would later find out is a tumor called FAVA. I remember the heartache I felt. Being passed from one doctor to another. Thinking this pain will never cease. But in roughly a month I would see light in the incredible darkness I felt. I lost my arm from the fight, and it totally sucks, but I literally felt like I was dying from FAVA. So in the end, I am grateful. If you are struggling, with whatever, don't give up! Like @dannygokey says "You're closer than you think you are, only moments from the break of dawn!" #TheWinterFangirl #FearlessFava #OrphanDiseases #Pten #ChronicPain #FAVA #DannyGokey #HaventSeenItYet #amputeeLife #OneArmFangirl #ChronicallyIll
Day 14 of #30DaysOfHappiness So today I was walking inside and I slammed my foot in the doorway. This caused me to slice my toe opened. It sucked! But everytime another one of my limbs stop working properly( I have severe carpal tunnel in my right arm), I become distressed, but also thankful. I may have lost one of my limbs, but I still have three and that's something to be happy about #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #Scars #FearlessFava #OrphanDiseases #Pten #ChronicPain #FAVA
*Trigger warning for self mutilation * "Scars remind us where we've been, they don't have to dictate where we're going" David Rossi Before I lost my arm, I had a lot of scars from cutting myself. I essentially "traded" my scars for one big one. When I looked down at my old scars I would get really sad. But when I look at this scar I feel determined. Determined not to let this define me. Determined to not let this dictate where I'm going. I'm not an amputee, I'm a person who just happens to have an amputation. #Amputee #youarenotalone #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #Scars #criminalminds # #HangerNews #SelfHarm
I have a Confession, I didn't post yesterday on my #30DaysOfHappiness because I wasn't happy. AT ALL. I just laid around watching #Masterchef all day. I just hated life. How can I EVER amount to anything? I told my sisters this morning how I wanted to try out for "Masterchef" They were so supportive and we're going out today to buy food for me to practice with. #DaySix of Days of happiness, is I'm happy to know the even in the darkest of places, #YouWillBeFound And I am glad to know that even though I'm missing a limb, doesn't mean I have to lie down and die. You'll see me on Masterchef soon! #Amputee #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #FAVA #OrphanDiseases #GordonRamsay
So.... I got the the now infamous haircut @renner4real wears in #AvengersEndgame . Guys, since losing my arm I hate trying to wash my hair. I tried so hard not to cut off all my hair since I HATE being mistaken for a dude. But my hair kept getting greasy and gross and I started to look homeless. I liked Renner's hair and really thought I could pull it off so I worked up the courage to take the picture to a hairstylist. She tried to talk me out of getting a "Man"s haircut". It really annoyed me cause of why I was getting the haircut. (Maybe only 10% of it had to do with my #Avengers fangirl life.) Even if I only wanted the haircut just cause, it's my hair (and only hair) I should be able to do what I want you know? But I decided to let it go cause I might look like a homeless person in this picture (I'm doing laundry right now) I feel confident wearing this hair and for the first time since losing my arm (going on 7 months) I washed my hair completely. Don't let society tell you what you can and cannot do. Make your own decisions! #Hawkeye #TheWinterFangirl #JeremyRenner #AvengersAssemble
Day 8 of #30DaysOfHappiness I got to deliver a gift to my prosthetist today. It was a Barbie Bucky keychain! #Buckyfeels #TheWinterFangirl #amputeelife #AmputeeHumor #ArmAmputee
If there's one thing my amputation has taught me is patience. Well, it's trying to at least. This Thursday is a movie I've essentially been waiting to see since I was 16 years Old. A movie called "Avengers: Endgame" It's going to be insane. I'm going to cry. My best friend Jami and I have a tradition to seeing the Marvel movies together. I remember going to see "Age of Ultron" and Jami Couldn't make time to see it at the premiere, and I got sooo angry. (Dumb right) When the tickets for Endgame came out the seats sold out so fast. There were only seats scattered around the theatre. This time I was the one to suggest we wait. But Jami really wanted to go that night. (Even though She didn't get mad) I had to laugh cause the tables turned ever So slightly on the patience scale. I'm so excited for the movie, don't get me wrong, but I was willing to wait one day. Honestly, if I can wait for a new Avengers movie, I can wait for anything. #TheWinterFangirl #DontSpoilTheEndgame #FunnyStory #Patience #AmputeeLessons #FearlessFava #MovieNerd
After a Massive meltdown yesterday, I am pleased to announce that my prosthetic is fully functional again. Yay! My friend @kcerasai really helped me as She told me how She believed a prosthetic is something I deserved, not something that I needed. She's amazing. I was letting the thought of a prosthetic become a crutch. I was more than an arm. (or lack thereof) Today I thought of an idea for a sitcom about a girl who is an amputee. I want Clark Gregg to be my dad. But I'm a fangirl So. #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #myoelectric #Crutch #FriendsAreAmazing
Now that I'm out of the Six month funk my trauma gave me, where do I go from here? Well, this morning I woke up to find that my prosthetic broke. I had a many panic attack, it was only a week old and it broke? was I going to have to pay to get it fixed? was this going to happen a lot? As much as @clarkgregg made me feel confident wearing one, all I really wanted a prosthetic for is to crochet. One of two talents I thought I actually had. (The other being writing.) Everything else I can do one handed. It got me to thinking about how I want to be a writer. How I want to one day be the one to inspire like Clark Gregg inspired me with that one answer. I've wanted to be just like J.k. Rowling the moment I started reading Harry Potter. But my phsyical and mental health have always gotten in the way. I would find one reason or another why I wouldn't follow my dreams. Today I made a pact. That I was going to do what I Can to honor myself. To one day be an actual amputee in Hollywood that people can look up to. (Not that I mind Clark Gregg or Sebastian stan playing one) Honor yourself, Honor your hopes and your dreams because you're worth it. More in link on profile.... #TheWinterFangirl #FanXSpring19 #ClarkGregg #AoS #AgentCoulson #MCU #Depression #RareDisease #FAVA #ORPHANDISEASES #SonOfCoul
For Easter, I planned on hanging with my fam, watching Marvel movies, and Crocheting. Well, my prosthetic is broken right now and I can't Crochet. I found myself praying over my arm, hoping that it could get fixed easily tomorrow. I couldn't help but have (and still kind of am) a depressive episode. My prosthetic may not be my arm, but it was all I got. I'm not spongebob and can grow another one. But, even if sometimes I can't feel it, I know because of Him I won't be made to be armless forever. Because of Him, I'm not alone in every depressive episode I have. I'm never alone.EVER. I hate that my arm is not working, but how grateful I am for a Savior. May I ask, if you're into that kind of thing, to pray that my prosthetic will get fixed quickly. #BecauseOfHim #Savior #PrinceOfPeace #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #PrayForMe
#ShowYourMettle This weekend I took my brand new prosthetic to @fanxsaltlake met @clarkgregg and @officialtomellis . You can look beautiful with a prosthetic! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. #amputeefangirl #amputeelife #TheWinterFangirl
I'm writing some letters to the medical professionals who helped me with my arm amputation. This one is to my doctor who helped me by amputating it. I'm just marveling at how blessed I really am. I was on 3 different pain meds before my surgery. Now I'm on none. My life is Still Challenging, glorifying your blessings doesn't change the issues you have. But it does make it easier when I'm not crying my eyes out eating ice cream cause I have no arm. I'd rather just eat the ice cream. It's Easier saidthan done, BELIEVE me. But just because it's easier said than done, doesn't mean it's impossible. DON'T GIVE UP! Like @dannygokey says "You're closer than you think you are, only moments moments from the break of dawn" #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #Amputee #PrimaryChildrens #haventseenityet
Today I wore my prosthetic to church. It was fun having people freak out when I show them how it moved. I couldn't help but think "This is good attention!" But man, am I still aching from wearing it for two hours! But I'm grateful for the people who helped me get it. I'm thankful for all the encouragement and love I feel for those who have lifted me up these past few months. I needed it, Lord only knows how much. I really hope that one day I can repay the favor, in whatever way possible. #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #FAVa #pten #Cowdens
My first project done with my prosthetic! It's a wallet! This whole journey has helped me realize the power of perseverance. That you can really do anything you set your mind to. #BecauseOfHim #amputeeLife #TheWinterFangirl
This is how much I have been able to crochet today. More than I have since my arm was lost. I remember the weeks before crocheting a bunch cause I really thought that I wasn't going to crochet again. I'm too ashamed to tell you how much I've cried cause of how much I loved it. How much it made me feel special. Why did God take it away from? But I'm reminded of @bethanyhamilton and how much she loved surfing. How God taking it away from her for a season helped her focus on other things that are just as, or more important, than surfing. I've done the same thing and I am excited for all that I've learned from my own season. #TheWinterFangirl #crocheting #GiveGodTheGlory
I got a prosthetic today! These are two of the men who have helped me get here. Thank you so much #hangerclinic for everything you've done as well. Today is day one of the rest of my life! #TheWinterFangirl #amputeefangirl #amputeelife #ImBuckyBarnes #bucky
I don't want to be inspirational just because I lost my arm. I want to be inspirational in spite of it. Also pretty excited for @imsebastianstan and Bucky getting his own TV show. He's my inspiration and I can't wait to see my own Bucky arm! #TheWinterFangirl #Buckyfeels #amputeefangirl #amputeeLife #FAVA #BuckyBarnes #SebastianStan
You guys don't know this but I've been Sleeping in a recliner in my living room. That is because many amputees have problems sleeping in a bed after their amputations, and I am one of them. But I am blessed. I am pain free for the first time in four years. I'll take recliner sleeping over that anyday #Amputee #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #LimbLoss #LimbLossAwareness
One of the biggest misconceptions about amputees is that phantom pain stays forever. The real answer is not always. So please stop telling new amps that they'll be in pain for the rest of their lives. Not to say that there aren't people who suffer for the rest of their lives, but give new amps hope. Give them a reason to live. Cause I'm living proof you can live pain free as an amputee. #LimbLoss #LimbLossAwareness #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #Pten #Cowdens #FAVA
I'm not an inspiration simply cause I'm an amputee. I would be okay being called an inspiration cause of this hat I made with one arm. I wrote a blog about not being an inspiration. Link in comments. Shout out to @just_a_right_hand_man for being an inspiration to me far beyond his amputation. #TheWinterFangirl #amputeeLife #AmputeeHumor
Do you know that how much phantom pain someone goes through after limb loss varies from person-to- person? So. I went into surgery not knowing if I'll be in pain for the rest of my life. THAT. Is. SCARY. AS. HECK. But things aren't always as bad as they seem. I'm really not in that much pain. How blessed am I? with that, a lot of amputees go through dozens of surgeries just to get their limb cut off. I read one lady who had over 100 surgeries. I had One. count your blessings Name them one by one Count your blessings see what God hath done. #LimbLossAwarenessMonth #April #CountYourBlessings #LimbLoss #amputeeLife #OneArmFangirl #TheWinterFangirl #Pten #Fava #FearlessFAVA