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Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down… While Kevin Hart is recovering from serious back surgery at a physical therapy facility, he found out former sextape partner, Montia Sabbag, is suing him, looking for a HUGE $60 Million pay day. That’s right, in question is the same sextape used to extort the Jumanji actor back in 2017. You may remember, it was found out that one of the actor’s best friends, JT Jackson, was the mastermind behind the whole thing. He set up a secret spy cam in a Vegas hotel room and caught Kevin and Montia having sex. Jackson was eventually arrested and charged with two counts of extortion over the dirty move. However, Montia now believes that Kevin Hart and JT Jackson were actually working in concert to get her on film. TMZ says she’s suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy. Her reasoning… She thinks Kevin intentionally wanted to blow up his life with a new wife and belly full of baby, just to sell his upcoming comedy special. ….This is what she’s saying. In reality, the comedian had to go on a public apology tour, as most of his deals were blowing up – he actually couldn’t sell anything at the time, but whatevs. In fact, most folks still believe Montia Sabbag was actually a part of the plot to extort Kevin from the beginning, but she was never charged with anything. She did act odd about the whole thing at the time, and she seemed to indicate she knew more about the crime than she was saying. We’ll be following this one closely for you – until the next time it drips… #kevinhart @kevinhart4real @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
Kash Doll interview with Sway...🤔🤔 Is she right? #kashdoll #sway @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
2 Chainz birthday party the other night, str8 Purged Out‼ 🔥🔥🔥 #2chainz @2chainz @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture #realrapper #nocap #hiphoplove #hiphopkings
Rapper and Death Row alum, Kurupt, had a serious relapse in his battle with alcoholism while filming the show Marraiage Boot Camp. TMZ reportsthere was a party at the MBC house where everybody started drinking heavily and it led to an all night rowdy affair. However, being an actual alcoholic, that is exactly the kind of situation Kurupt should never be exposed to. He ended up being rushed to the hospital and there he stayed, missing two days of filming. As a consequence for this dangerous incident, we’re told producers have now outlawed alchohol for the Marriage Boot Camp house, now and forever. No word yet on how other cast members feel about the prohibition, but when you have cast members with substance abuse issues, you might not want to expose them to dangerous circumstances like that. We’re working on more updates on Marriage Boot Camp for you, stay tuned. Until the next time it drips… #kurupt #marriagebootcamp @wetv @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
Davido sits down with Ebro to answers questions about fans, fame, and new features on his album. 💯👍 #davido @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture #realrapper #nocap #hiphoplove
Ella Mai is all up on this joint 🔥🔥🔥 "What You Did" by Mahalia. Her new album, Love and Compromise, OUT NOW‼ #ellamai #mahalia @ellamai @mahalia @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture #realrapper #urbanradio #nocap #hiphoplove #hiphopdiva
Actress Felicity Huffman was finally sentenced today for her role in the college admissions bribery scandal heard around the world. A federal judge in California decided on a 14-day sentence for the Desperate Housewives alum. She didn’t get as much time as federal prosecutors wanted – they were looking to have her behind bars for at least a whole month. Accompanied by her fellow actor husband, William H. Macy, Felicity faced the music. Before her sentence came down, Felicity stepped to the microphone and spoke these words… “I am deeply sorry to the students, parents, colleges and universities impacted by my actions. I have inflicted more damage than I could’ve ever imagined.” Felicity cooperated quickly and fully, and she spilled her guts to prosecutors giving them valuable information about how the scam worked, yet she still has to serve time in prison. It begs the question… What does the future hold for Lori Loughlin? She’s still holding out and she’s never been helpful to prosecutors at all. The clock is ticking on a deal, but chances are, it won’t be nearly as light as Felicity’s sentence today. We’ll keep you plugged in on this case and more – until the next time it drips… #felicityhuffman #williamhmacy @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
Black girl majic aside, people think this is Rihanna admitting she's pregnant...🤔🤔 What say you... #rihanna @badgalriri @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
Antonio brown took to Instagram Live yesterday just to show his followers he is still in the good graces of the New England Patriots family, even after rape allegations. He was at Tom Brady’s famous TB12 training facility where he took some 17,000 Live viewers on a tour of the place, captured by TMZ Sports. It didn’t appear Tom Brady himself was there, but Antonio was being trained by Tom’s guy, Alex Guerrero. On the feed Antonio says, “Call God… In a time of crisis, all I ask is love, dedication, and focus.” He also said… “Somebody gotta do this work.” In light of the new rape and sexual assault allegations, Bill Belichick said Antonio would be practicing, but he stopped short of saying he would play on Sunday. Of couse you know Antonio just scored a one-year $15 million contract out of the Patriots, but he couldn’t play the season opener, so fans really want to see him on the field this Sunday. It’s been pointed out that no one knows if Antonio gave coach Belichick a heads-up about the impending rape lawsuit. His accuser might have enough evidence to keep a cloud over Antonio and the Patriots all year long. It’s hard to tell how things will shake out in the end, but it’s looking more like Antonio’s former team, the Oakland Raiders, and coach Jon Grudden, may have actually avoided a massive headache when Antonio wanted out… and saved themselves $50 million in the process. We’ll be watching the happenings with the Patriots and Antonio Brown – until the next time it drips… #antoniobrown #tombrady #nfl @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie drops new single, "Mood Swings". Is it on 🔥 or phony? Wsup?‼ #aboogiewitdahoodie @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture #realrapper #nocap #hiphoplove #hiphopking
Sauce Walka and the gang gets pulled over wildin' out in Dallas streetz. 🙏🙏 #saucewalka @sauce_walka102 @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture #realrapper #nocap #hiphoplove #hiphopkings
"Just spoke to my Imam, and he said I can get 5 wives." 😳😮 lil Baby $ D Block Europe "Nookie" #lilbaby @lilbaby_1 @youngadz1 @lbsmusicpage @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
Lil Baby's new track with D Block Europe 🔥🔥🔥 "Nookie" (Jadakiss crew in London) #lilbaby #dblockeurope @lilbaby_1 @youngadz1 @lbsmusicpage @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
The two veteran actors were sitting down with Extra‘s Miss USA Cheslie Kyrst, and they both opened up about how they were feeling since losing cast member, Jussie Smollet to scandal earlier this year. They described how things weren’t the same without Jussie on set playing their middle son on their hit show, Empire. When asked which cast member he was closest to, Terrence said, “I was closest to Jussie. It hurts not to have him here. It’s like losing a son.” He went on to add that even though it hurt, he’s still glad the media circus that surrounded the crew and their filming of the show was now gone. Taraji wanted Cheslie to know how she’s been affected, saying “I miss him just like a mother misses a child.” Most of you know Jussie Smollett had to be fired from the show because he was alleged to have faked his own beating in a staged hate crime in Chicago. Though the actor ended up only paying fines, Jussie has been roundly embarrassed by the episode and essentially banned in all of Hollywood. However, Jussie still maintains his innocence in all things concerning the situation. ‘Cookie’ & ‘Lucious’ went on to indicate a storm is a comin’ for their on screen love affair with a promo reel of Lucious knocked out cold on the floor. Don’t miss the season premier of Empire on FOX, coming your way September 24th. Until the next time it drips… #terrencehoward #tarajiphenson #extratv #chelsiekryst #jussiesmollett @terrencej @tarajiphenson #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
DJ Khaled is about to have another son with his wife‼ Many blessings 🙏🙏🙏 #djkhaled @djkhaled @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
Love & Hip Hop: New York has been renewed for it’s 10th season and TMZ reports the show is actually being filmed right now in Brooklyn. This season will feature the return of some big name OG cast members that haven’t made appearances on the show in a while. They’ve only been filming for about a week, but reports are already coming out about major blow-ups. Joe Budden & Cyn Santana are both set to make appearances this season, and returning cast members Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena are in the middle of a high profile engagement right now, with everyone waiting for their big wedding day. Jim Jones is set to be back as well, so now we know why he’s been working out so hard online with celebrity trainers. Remy Ma & Papoose are most likely going to show up on screen too, although that hasn’t been confirmed. It’s hard to imagine they won’t get in on the party. Cardi B is so big now, there’s virtually no one that thinks she’ll be bothered, but Cardi is mad real and we believe she just might suprise everyone. This is likely the show’s last hurrah, and with all that star power, it may be the best season yet. We’ll keep you up to date on all things L&HHNY – until the next time it drips…. #lhhny #loveandhiphopnewyork #remyma #papoose #ericamena #safareesamuels #joebudden #cynsantana @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
Dababy making it rain on himself...😆😂😜 #dababy @dababy @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
In an event-filled couple of weeks, New England Patriot Antonio Brown has been accused of sexually assaulting and then raping the same woman twice from 2017 to 2018. In documents filed in federal court, the woman, identifying herself as Britney Taylor, filed a lawsuit naming Antonio as the perpetrator. She says she was his personal trainer for over a year and the incidents happened during or around her sessions. The first was a moment during her session at Antonio’s home in Pittsburgh back in June of 2017 where, she says, “Brown exposed himself and kissed [her] without her consent.” The second incident was some weeks later, but this time at Antonio’s home in Florida, where Taylor claims Antonio ejaculated on her back while standing behind her. Apparently, the two were able to work their way through these sexual assaults and continue to work together for a whole year until May of 2018 when, as Taylor claims, Antonio went crazy on her and flat-out raped her. Even though she fought back, she says Antonio “forced her down onto a bed, pushed her face into the mattress, and forcibly raped her.” It’s been revealed that Taylor never went to the police about these incidents, however, she has taken and passed a lie-detector test, and has meticulously been keeping receipts and texts and voicemails this whole time. For his part, Antonio denies doing anything wrong. His lawyer says Taylor is just pissed because Antonio didn’t set her up with a $1.6 million business loan the two had talked about. We’re gonna break all this down and get you updates soon. Until the next time it drips… #antoniobrown @ab @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
Wow, it's a different Soulja Boy we're looking at now. 😳😮 Is he sad? Damn... #souljaboy @souljaboy via @akadmiks @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture #realrapper #nocap #hiphopking
The US Attorney in Tekashi69’s case just sent a letter to the judge outlining exactly how they expect the rapper to snitch on his gang next week in court. Apparently Tekashi’s going to identify names and usernames in various texts and DM communications investigators have obtained. Understanding who the players are is vital to unraveling criminal conspiracies, and only someone in the clique would know. Tekashi69 is expected to testify about crimes perpetrated against himself as well. He’ll name the Nine Trey gang leader he believes masterminded his kidnapping and robbery last year. The “FeFe” rapper was stuck-up for $700k in that one episode alone, and Tekashi69 believes it was his own gang members that got him. TMZ is reporting that Tekashi69 will also testify that Nine Trey member SEQO put out a hit on him. He apparently told rival blood gangs to “fire on him” in the streets. The US Attorney’s letter to the judge details how Tekashi69 was getting taken for his cash, forced to fund gang activity and even kick down cash to individual gang members, a long suspected modus operandi for rap stars repping gang ties, but it appears this time prosecutors have defacto evidence of such an arrangement. Reportedly, when Tekashi69 was done being taken advantage of, he stopped paying the gang. That’s when his fortunes changed, and the crew wanted him dead. If Tekashi69 keeps his end of the bargain with prosecutors, by the end of next week the question will become… what do they now owe Tekashi69? Will he be released soon? Every moment behind bars is like playing russian roulette with bloody retaliation. Tekashi69 has to make a move soon and it better be a good one. We’ll keep all eyes on the situation- until the next time it drips… #tekashi69 @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb
Well look what I found...🤗🥰 Aye Zaza!! We lit!! 🙌🏾🔥 “What I do!!!” @redcarpetgirlz @nickcannonmornings @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #rnb #theculture #nocap
Bruno Mars drops a few pics for us...🔥🔥 Y'all ready for new music? #brunomars @brunomars @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
What do you think about this little situation...🤔🤔 Does she have a point? @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
Ty Dolla Sign drops "Hottest in the City" video...🔥🔥🔥 #tydollasign @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #rnb #theculture #nocap #realrapper
Kevin Hart’s condition has apparently improved so much that TMZ is reporting the comedian will most likely be released today. The Jumanji star had surgery nine days ago to fuse three spinal fractures, and has been cooped up at the hospital ever since. After reports of him being in excruciating pain just days ago, we’re being told Kevin has actually taken several short walks and is in good spirits now. When he does leave the hospital, he won’t be headed home just yet though. Kevin will have to go through a serious physical therapy regimen. He’ll likely spend a couple weeks at an inpatient physical therapy facility, much like an old folks home, where they’re able to work with people that have serious back injuries until the patient is back up and out. As for the investigation into the crash… right now the focus is on the car in question, Kevin’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, which he and his friends found themselves trapped in. California Highway Patrol has serious questions about the safety of the vehicle and the restoration work that was done on it. The car is being dismantled and examined for safety violations as we speak. Who knows where the situation will go from here. On all things Kevin Hart, we’ll keep you plugged in. Until the next time it drips… #kevinhart @kevinhart4real @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture
Bhad Bhabie says this is a general announcement, but "if the shoe fits, wear it." 😳😮 #bhadbhabie @bhadbhabie @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture #twerk #twerkqueen #twerkgirl
Looks like Teairra Mari finally copped a plea in her DWI case in New York. She was in court yesterday where she plead guilty to one count of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence. This all stems from a June arrest where Teairra was driving around New York in her Dodge Charger with her bumper scraping the ground throwing sparks. When NYPD pulled her over, they could smell the booze from a mile away. TMZ reports they have spoken to her lawyers and say she’s been ordered to attend classes and complete an impaired driver program. She also has to install an ignition interlock device on her car, which can’t be removed for a year. Teairra avoids jail with this plea, but her license has been suspended for six whole months… that can feel like torture. Teairra’s detractors have not let the moment go unnoticed either. Rapper 50 Cent just posted the news of her plea on Instagram, saying Teairra’s “looking like the old drink lady from up the block.” Teairra posted these words on social media the other day… “Storms are needed to clear the path Realignment occurs after destruction just hit the reset button.” This embarrassment could be a thing of the past soon if Teairra keeps her head on straight and puts real focus back into her life, but that’s up to Teairra. We’ll keep you up to date if anything changes with Teairra’s situation. Until the next time it drips…. #teairramari #50cent @misstmari @50cent @alldaydripofficial #alldaydrip #hiphop #randb #rap #trapmusic #theculture