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Happy campers 🦋🌲 OK so when we first saw these two little squishies on a screen, I thought our life was over and that we would be stuck indoors forever and ever and THAT thought alone just made me feel like I was suffocating. I spent a lot of my pregnancy anticipating and just preparing to be a hermit and never see my friends again. #sodramatic . But, after the babes arrived and I decided that living on the couch wasn’t living best life, (I shoulda known that my #7heart would come in clutch), I started to build my mom muscles and do brave things with my babes outside of the house. . I got a lot of positive comments and some “you’re crazy” and “HOW?!?” comments too. I decided to go against the “expected.” We go on dates together with the twinnies, the zoo, Costco, and a few trips too. We take our babes out to eat and to our favorite brewery #WhereEverybodyKnowsYourName. AND Our family has been camping more this summer than ever before. . It ISN’T easy....But the more we do it, the easier it feels. It’s so important to us that our babes grow up going home to our mountains. We are continually committed to building our parental muscles. . (Side-note: The camper definitely makes it more possible. Same with some essential baby items (see tagged). We wouldn’t have made it otherwise, let’s be honest. And for that we are grateful). . But it is still a lot of work. Every trip takes planning and deep breaths. BUT every trip has been a little easier as we all learn and adjust and get into camping routines. That is key right there. The more we go, the more the routines are established and our babes learn boundaries. For us, the work it takes to get to these places and to do it continually over and over, is so worth it. . So encouragement to you… If it’s going on a camping trip or taking your kids to the park alone, you can do this mama. Take that next scary step forward, and then the next one, and then the next one. Your mom muscles will only grow. What is something that you have done lately that has felt brave?
“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” -Mark Twain . I often feel like we have to do certain things a certain way, because we need to be on par with kids who “go to school” as my kids say. Like I have to prove to the world that this was a good decision or something. 🤷🏻‍♀️ . So when we hit September I am always challenged and reminded. Challenged to step back and reevaluate what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Reminded that we chose to homeschool so that we could be in charge of what and when and how our kids learn. . You see, we always take the last week of September and first week of October off, and it turns out the week before that tends to be a “week off” too. Every year. It is so strange how we always hit that wall “early.” . But this year has been a little different. Why? Because we have a homeschool community now. We have a new schedule and a new routine that includes other families. Families who help with our slack. Families who have the same values. Families who help us on our “off weeks” to not get quite so off. So instead of completely throwing in the towel this week, we had a field trip with friends and are learning basics plus life lessons. And THAT totally makes for an on week in our book!
What do Adam•Abraham•Jacob•David•Jonah•Peter & most leaders have in common? . We’re more comfortable making things happen than letting them unfold. We mistake our call to leadership as a mandate for muscle. . When has forcing, fixing or pushing your agenda really served you or the folks you’re leading? We’ve all read & seen the disastrous affects but somehow we believe our outcome will be different. . What has been the fallout those times you or another leader made something happen by Will Power? • What would it take for you to watch & participate with God’s plan happening in real time vs forcing something counterfeit ? ( “But I know God’s hand is in it !”) . There is a time for every season under heaven. . Where are you forcing the cocoon to open before it’s ready? . Less forcing- more trusting.
When I started this page, I knew it had to be more than just "The Desiree Show". Because as cool as I hope I am, I'm not the one who can make all things new. . In fact, for the longest time I lived in a dark hole, rotting because of the choices I'd made in life. Clinging to the self-righteousness I tried to wear alone. . I accepted Christ in 2005. But to share full honesty--I didn't know what that meant. I walked around ignorant for many years mimicking what I thought a Christian should be. . I wore the right clothes. Made the right friends. Went to church faithfully. Read the Bible. I prayed how I thought I was supposed to pray. Yet nothing fixed the brokenness inside me. The brokenness I ignored because I thought I was "doing everything right". . But little did the Old Desiree know, I had been acting out lessons learned from my childhood. Molding myself into what I thought people expected me to be so they would love me. I walked in perceived perfection so they would want me around. I craved affection all the while erecting a mile thick wall around my heart. Because if I let them too close, they would hurt me. Just like those in my childhood. . I spent life in spiritual chains, drawing closer to Jesus, but then subconsciously skipping back behind my security wall. Except, the more those chains were left ignored, the more they festered and rot set in. Until in 2017 when my battle with depression and suicidal thoughts took its darkest spiral ever. . At that point, I was a shell, walking around dead and uncaring if I stayed that way. But praise be to Jesus, God still had a plan for my life. And in the spring of 2018, I had a life-altering encounter with my Creator, who breathed fresh life into me. . Since then, the wall around my heart has been shattered and I understand what it means to have a genuine heart-relationship with Jesus. I am alive and I've been redeemed, walking in freedom--full of joy and love beyond measure. . And *that* is the journey I'd love to share with you on this page. That is the meaning behind the name. #aliveandredeemed
When we moved into our first home, for the first time I was welcomed into the world of interior decorating. I LOVED it! From lovely decor and kitchenware to encouraging messages all over the house, I loved it all because Mary & Martha opened up a whole world of possibilities. Our house didn’t feel like home until we infused our personality as well as reminders of God’s Word into it! What do you think about decorating your space: Totally fun or a waste of time? 🏠
Each Refresh Women’s Conference comes with a unique experience to see Women fully immersed in the Presence of God, and their lives completely transformed with this encounter. For God calls us to listen to his voice...To seek him with all we have and all we are. We aim to see lives revived through authentic gatherings in the Word where we focus on Jesus and reviving people 
globally for Christ. This year’s “Refresh Women” will take place on the 20th-22nd/September/2019, @newliferwanda from 3pm. Don’t just experience this alone, bring along the sisters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #proverbs #womanoffaith #god #women #christians #church #womanofgod #godlydating #godlymarriage #godlywomen #godlyquotes #godlyman #christianwoman #christianlife #jesus #jesuschrist #godlywife #christian #christianwomen #love #prayingwife #womenoffaith #pastor #godlyrelationships #christianmentalhealth #pastorswife #revival #prayerwarriors #godisable #faithfulwomen
I’m glad for these moments, the times Sky and I drag them to church to set up for a night full of ministry.
In my first ever two-part conversation, Malana Bracht shares her amazing story of growing up in a dysfunctional family and the surprising way she became a pastor's wife. Be sure and check back for Part 2 next week where she shares how faith led them to move across the country with no church position waiting. #thepastorwifelife #pastorswife #pastorwifelife #latestepisode #podcast #ministrywives #lifeinthefishbowl
Our trip to the ocean one day while camping in the Santa Cruz area. It was so much fun chasing the waves on the boogie boards. #santacruz #ocean It was a great week of tent camping & I devoured all kinds of junk food. NO REGRETS at all! I'll share more photos another time . We saw many beautiful things in God's creation. #familyvacation #campingadventure #cookiecrumbfun #boardwlak #santacruzbeachboardwalk #waves #GodHasBeenSoGoodToUs #healthyfamily #pastorswife #trimhealthymama #ministrylife #largefamily #bigfamilylife #momof7 #homeeducation
God designed motherhood to be a deeply meaningful role. We mothers have the opportunity to influence eternity by building a spiritual legacy in the lies of our children. -Sally Clarkson When the days seem mundane, when my creativity juices aren’t flowing, and my energy is lacking I have to remind myself that my calling as a mother matters beyond the temporary. Each moment matters for God’s glory.
If you haven’t tried Lavender and Cedarwood for sleep support, yet, well...you’re missing out! I wanted to share an awesome story....yesterday I had this sweet, little lady over for a one on one...she had approached me a few days prior. I didn’t know her, or anything about her, but she was interested in oils and apparently heard that I was the “crazy oily lady”. 🤪 So we set up a time to meet, she came over, I asked what had her interested in oils, she named a few things and among those things was “I haven’t slept well in a long time and my doctor told me I need to rest better”...so I stopped her right there, made her a sleep roller, we chatted some more, she snagged her kit, and was on her way. I told her “don’t forget to use that roller tonight!”....and I followed up the visit with a special prayer for her...she’s much older than me, and has experienced things I couldn’t really relate to, so I simply prayed that oils would be a blessing in her life and that tonight she’d rest well. Wellllllll...today, she calls me... “Jen, I just wanted to let you know that I slept soooo good last night...heck, I don’t even think I moved once!” 😭🤗☺️🙌🏼 y’all, these are amazing tools to have on hand and I feel very thankful to be a part of a community of people who love to help people ❤️ it’s the little moments like these that truly matter and make being that “crazy oily lady” the best job ever!
Finally home after training at La union❤️ Our rare pictures together 😅 #pastorswife #marriagelife
We love meeting inspiring pastors' wives, and today, we're excited to have Sis. Diane Godair on the blog. ❤️ Make sure you don't miss this installment of our First Ladies Series! Tap on over for her interview: Link in profile! Interview by @kimberdulsi
So I am just wondering 🤔 Am I the only that sets the alarm for pm instead of am?? This is not just a one time thing. It’s getting be down right ridiculous🤦‍♀️ #blondeworkinghere I just went and deleted all my PM alarms. Maybe that will help. #notcool #wrongalarm #gotuplate #again
OCTOBER IS ALMOST HERE!! We’re getting some beautiful fall weather and it’s time to enjoy some hot tea and coffee ❤️ but October is also... PASTOR APPRECIATION MONTH 🎉 and of course we can’t forget about the awesome women standing side by side with our pastors!! Show them some love with this beautiful ceramic mug. Our website (link in the bio) is getting in some great new products so you guys can shower your pastors with gifts of appreciation! Keep an eye out for all of our new releases coming soon. But this mug is up and ready for a new home 👌 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #christianstore #christian #christianity #onlineshopping #home #homedecor #christianblog #mug #faith #scripture #pastor #pastorswife #appreciationpost #thankyou #pastorappreciation #october #fall #photography #newproduct #gift #giftsforher #design #photographers #tea #coffee #bibleverse #wordsofencouragement #prayer #love #shop
⏩Ever learn a hard lesson only to realize you have so much more to learn? ⏩Or grieve a loss only to realize the loss was deeper than you realized, and grief is a long drawn out process with a multitude of feelings? ⏩Or do the work of forgiveness, only to realize you need to forgive that person again, and continue that work? Dallas Willard talks about Grace as God acting in our life to bring about, and to enable us to do, what we cannot do on our own. Today I celebrate my Sweet Havilah Jo, 3 months old yesterday. She was given to us, a gift from God. Her name serves as a reminder that no matter what you and I walk through, God can and wants to bring forth something beautiful out of it. He wants us to experience a greater depth of His Grace... But we have to be willing to do the deep work of the soul, and boy is it a process. He will only take is as far as we are willing to go. It's a process, and it's awfully uncomfortable at times, but it's oh so worth it. I'm learning it all has to start from a place of willingness and a place of rest. Not necessary physical rest, though that certainly helps, but a deep place of quiet vulnerability before our Heavenly Father. Rest and quiet, my friends, are not my strong suit. Did I mention this is a process? 😉 "The world sees strength in action. In My Kingdom it is known that strength lies in quiet. 'In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.'... No fitful visit, a real abiding. Make it your home. Your dwelling place." (excerpts from God Calling) Come Holy Spirit, come Teacher, come Counselor, come Lover of my Soul. Let's embrace this process together, shall we? What's He asking you to sit with and invite Him into? #grace #givemejesus #presentoverperfect #rest #pastorswife #womeninspiringwomen #womenoftheword #sheworkshisway #iamachildofgod #griefsucks #bestillandknow #bestillmysoul #christianmom #christianmoms
#Blessed to watch this baby girl for @cathmarie5 & @eagles_fan411 everyday. Thanks for giving me the privilege of pouring into your daughter almost every day🥰 Another change.... Going from an empty nest to a semi-full one💕. My heart rejoices that I get to experience life with Harper Jean at least 4 days a week 👶🏻👧. Feeling truly blessed that God led me into the unknown world of owning my own business & being my own boss so I could put my priorities of God first, family second & career third, allowing me to make the choice to say yes to my granddaughter & blessing my children ❤️ #jeansjoyfuljourney #mymklife #grammapreneur #boymom #change #pastorswife #beauty #skincare #yorkcity
Another baby essential I posted was this amazing @senseubabymonitor! It clips on to any outfit and alerts you if baby rolls over, stops breathing or gets too hot/cold. So thankful for the peace of mind it gives us! New and expecting mamas, help yourself get some restful sleep with Sense-U!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #sponsored #boymom #momlife #pastorswife #wahm #motherhood #oilylife #motherhoodrising #momswithcameras #teammotherly #cameramama #momofboys #mytinymoments #dearphotographer #vscomom #ohheymama #letthekids #momsofinstagram #mommylife e #documentyourdays #motherhoodthroughinstagram #our_everyday_moments #mom_hub #simplychildren #uniteinmotherhood #bestofmom #briarhandmadeforsale #documentlife
After 12 chapters of writing about the ways of the world, that all is vanity, Solomon concludes this: fear God and keep His commandments. Solomon was and is known as the wisest man who ever lived. If this is his conclusion, maybe it should be ours, too. #bewise #thinkstraight #seekgod #seekgodinallyoudo #trustgod #befaithful #askforwisdom #askforcourage #beablessing #wisewords #listentowisdom #momofgirls #pastorswife #livelifefully
Happy Wednesday! I am excited for our weekly Bible study to begin tonight. Love God’s Word and how it builds my faith. #pastorswife #pastorswives #pray #lovegod #lovegodsword
Use it with GRACE 🌺 〰️ Ladies God has given you a special gift 💝 You have the power of INFLUENCE. Your influence can change the whole dynamic of a room -- for better or worse. 〰️ This gift is to be used carefully. From my experience, I learned that my attitude, outlook, and energy impacted our entire household. When I allow myself to get into a funk and walk around upset, it effects my husband and our children. 〰️ I learned that even without saying a word, I was influencing the way they responded to one another. My attitude effected how our sons conducted themselves AND it curved their self esteem. 〰️ Your influence can make your husband feel like he can conquer the 🌍 If used incorrectly, you can make him feel worthless. 〰️ Today during my 🌺 Wife Life segment @12pm est, we're talking about the Power of Influence. I hope you can join me, this quick midweek, midday power boost is just what the doctor ordered for you to gracefully crush the rest of this week 👊🏿 〰️ Make sure you're on the list 💌 so you can get in on these awesome conversations. And remember, Wife Life Wednesdays are not just for married women. Come join us and find out why! **link in bio** https://pages.convertkit.com/f0794997c0/541e3144e4
Wow! What a day! No wonder you've been on my mind since morning, talking sbout you on different social media platforms. One who is anointed for a special place in the world of today, using her uniqueness to help deliver men into their inheritance in Christ. And this is just the beginning of your greatness @adaehimoses . You'll yet move from glory to glory! The world hasn't seen anything at all. We are not only flying, we are soaring & the Lord keeps in reasing your capacity. Your voice surely shall be heard all around the world, even on this platform behind you whether they like it or not & of your relevance, there shall be no end. This photo Frank Edwards chose is prophetic! Happy birthday to you Sis & remain blessed dear! St. Greg #thefourthman_ #pastorchris #pastorchrisoyakhilome #pastorchrislive_ #bcemglobal #spiritual #spirit #soul #body #holyghost #holyspirit #perfection #peace #joy #pastors #pastorswife #church #choir #london #unitedkingdom #uk #africa #usa #europe #praise #houston #texas #chicago #newyork
I CRINGED getting out of bed this morning. . I just didn’t wanna... I didn’t wanna move, get dressed, drive to the gym, or workout. But, I DID. I did after I reminded myself that my feelings are NOT in charge. For me, it can be sooooo easy to get into my feelings and stay there. Ummmm, not today feelings! . It was soooo hard to do what I needed to do - go to the gym. But, it was worth it - for today and all the tomorrows. What’s the hard thing YOU need to do today? I believe in YOU! Go DO IT!! 💪🏾 #LifewithChelsi #Purpose #Fitness #NoExcuses #WCW
“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”⠀ Romans 8:37-39⠀ .⠀ Amen!! Be encouraged!!!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ . ⠀ #pastorswife #communityovercompetition #waterfall #womenoffaith #lovewell #dailyinspiration #encouragement #beencouraged #preacherswife #faithoverfear #Godlovesyou #waitonthelord #wildwoodproject #womeninspiringwomen #ministrywife #inspire #fostercareadoption #fostercareishard #knownbygod #gospelcenteredmarriage #marriedtoaminister #gospelcenteredparenting #buildoneanotherup #drawnbygrace #fostercarejourney #marriedtoaminister #Jesuslovesyou #Lovegives
Am going to join pastors now #daddyfreeze #pastorswife #pastorsuizoblancospain
I am tired. My anxiety and self doubt seem at an all-time high. I don't feel like myself. . Even though Instagram may seem one way it not always is, and I do struggle with these thjngs. So I'm here to say - I am real. There are days I feel like quitting on myself - Quit working out, quit staying positive, quit persevering. . But what keeps me going is knowing I am loved by God and that I also show up for other ladies on a similar journeys. I want to encourage them. Give them resources. Be the person that I needed in these times. That is why I love the coach opportunity I have been given. . Sure the extra income is a perk. So are the fun travel experiences. And the amazing friendships. But what wins out for me is kinda selfish - it helps me stay on track on my own health journey and gives me such personal satisfaction seeing other ladies reach their goals! . Does this sound like you? Do you need something like this in your life? . I would love to share with you this amazing gift. Even if you are feeling down or not sure of yourself this is something that can pull you out and give you a sense of accomplishment, especially since you get to help others at the same time. ♥️ . Fill out the "Coach Application" form in the link in my bio and see if this would be a good fit for you. Or simple leave a yes in the comments.
DERAILED • Aka how I feel after this weekend... • Connor and I went to cheer on my little brother at his football game in San Antonio, IT WAS A BLAST! They won in the last 2 SECONDS (talk about a nail bitter)! AND the weekend was also full of cookies, fast food, and snacking 😅 EEKKK • Now that we are home and back into our daily groove I could do one of two things: 1. Guilt myself by eliminating carbs from my diet... eat fruit, veggies, and lean protein ONLY... exercise for about 2 hours a day to “work off the 10000 cookies I ate”... tell myself, “I will never do that again”... stand in the mirror and rip myself apart while simultaneously considering walking away from my wellness routine l because I feel like a failure. 2. OR... I could choose to extend myself grace! Affirm that my identity is not found in my pant size or how bloated my tummy is... Integrate back into my nutrition program of eating a BALANCED diet and understanding I don’t need to eliminate carbs/ starches to somehow “get back on track”... recommit to my exercise program and understand that life happens. Recognize this won’t be the last time I enjoy a weekend with my family and eat a few too many cookies😘 • What a relief that there are two options! RIGHT?! • For a while I was CONVINCED option #1 was the only way I could get back on track but ladies, that’s a BIG LIE! We can choose how we bounce back from a fun weekend! • Anyone else struggle with bouncing back from a fun weekend? • #swbtswomen #whataburger #balance #mindset #pastorswife #garlandtexas #fbcgarland #militaryspouse #airforcewife #raidernation
Today was a good day!! Things I accomplished today: •Packed lunch for one child •Enjoyed lunch with parents •Gym •Dinner-CrockPot Lasagna •Sold jewelry •Church Admin Projects I am proud of myself today. There is time for everything!! #happy #accomplished #pastorswife #sahm #entrepreneur #lifeisgood #simplejoys #faithbasedbusiness #independentfundamentalbaptist
IN THE HOME: So we know that chemicals are bad and natural products are best by now but sometimes it helps doing a little research to learn WHY chemicals are so bad so that we know WHY we need natural products throughout our whole home! Dish soap was one I never really thought about much because you scrub, rinse and carry on with life, right? So why can’t I just get a $2 green bottle instead of a $14 natural one? Know better do better, right? I just didn’t know better so I thought I was doing the best I could. But the more I learned about the side effects of chemicals, and the more I learned about companies trying to disguise products to look clean without actually being clean, the more fired up about ditching all the trash products and truly using SAFE PRODUCTS for my family. Knowing that things in our dish soap can effects mental health, hormones, gut issues, brain development, skin issues, respiratory problems and moreeee??? Mama says NO MORE! I trust Young Living and I don’t have to think twice about my orders. I know whatever I get, it’s going to be safe for me, my babies, our environment and the longevity of our health. They make it so simple. Before I buy anything anywhere now, I do a quick search on Young Living’s site and more times than not, they already made it and it’s better quality than anywhere else I can shop. Plus there’s Essential Rewards which is the real MVP. (If you don’t know, you need to know!) Reading the back of the bottle it says “if swallowed, drink plenty of water to dilute” Ummmmm yassssss please, says the mama of four! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I want something that I don’t have to call poison control and risk my children’s health for the sake of clean dishes. Check my stories for an interesting article on dish soap if you want more info ❤️
This place is so gorgeous!! God’s creation is stunning! We’ve been learning so much, gleaning wisdom from other seasoned pastors, and enjoying time together & with our great God. Refreshed. Relaxed. Recharged. #thebillygrahamtrainingcenter #thecove #refresh #timewithgod #timewiththehubs #jesus #pastorswife
Saying her prayers. She makes my heart glad. <3
Cashman got to attend his first RISE UP today at his new elementary school!! (To say he has fun is an understatement!!) It was so much fun watching 5th graders LEAD the younger kids in small group activities, games, crafts and singing! If you are in the Atlanta area, check to see if your school offers it. I highly recommend it!! 🎉🥳👏🏼 #theoffspring #cashmangray #riseupministries #ministrylife #pastorswife #justaphase #dontmissit #eastcobb #lovewhereyoulive
Lavenderrrrr let me count the ways I love you .... and use you. 😂 There is so much this oil can do, from calming emotions to restful sleep & to skin and boo boo support. Here is a study about how lavender can even help with concentration! “In 2001, Dr. Terry Friedman studied the effects of cedarwood, lavender, and vetiver essential oils on children who experienced difficulty with concentration, were easily distracted, and displayed fidgety behavior. The final results were astounding - the benefits of lavender essential oil were evident, as it increased performance by 53%, cedarwood increased performance by 83%, and vetiver increased performance by 100%!”
A HEALTHY HEART..... not only physically but mostly spiritually. This journey is always about the inside out. Knowing who's you are and knowing you are enough and you are worth it! It was not a coincidence that this was my devotional today , my doc appt day. Friends, my sugars are still down, my blood pressure is down and my thyroid levels are amazing. How are you feeling? Are you SICK AND TIRED of feeling SICK AND TIRED? I was and you may see me struggle but I won't quit. Working on the inside out over here! Who wants in? 💦💪🏻🙌🏼👇🏻 #type2diabetes #hypothyroidism #hashimotosdisease #highbloodpressure #womeninministry #bloomandsparkle #pastorswife #momlife
TONIGHT!!!! Join us at 9pm est as we chat with James and Sequeda Sutton about Adjusting to the Jungle. It's going to be awesome! If you've ever struggled with understanding your spouse and why they view things differently, you'll want to be a part of this conversation!! Come with your questions ready for our live Q&A as well. 〰️ Take It Off Tuesdays air live in our private Facebook community. Click the link in our bio to join!
@ashleykintzel (one of my team's fearless leaders) literally hated network marketing so much that she had a typed up "decline" message save to her phone to use when people would reach out to her. She felt like people only took advantage of her husband's large platform as a worship leader and did not actually care about her as a person. The only reason that Ashley said yes to this opportunity was because she was a sick and tired mama with four little ones who needed not only a drastic change in her health but also in her finances. Fast forward to today... Her and her hubby are currently in #mauihawaii on in all expenses paid trip rewarding her for all her hard work. 😍🌴🥥🌺 And the thing she would tell you today is she only wished she had started sooner! . . . #sixfigureincome #financialfreedom #youcandoit #endlessopportunities #paradise #bestteamever #momoffour #wifelife #pastorswife
I adore travel. I always have. Roadtrips with the family to the Dakotas or trekking to the east coast in the minivan. I have been on a handful of mission trips: local and abroad. Studied aboard and lived with the most amazing family. And straight up adventurous excursions: i.e. I was in the Christmas Markets in Switzerland and Germany last year with my four year old and dear friends. I have heard languages that I could not decipher, and enjoyed the take off and landings… I would order hot tea with no cream or sugar and some vegetable juice with no ice. (Do you remember when they used to serve burgers on domestic flights, for free?) Travel has always, always given me insight to the local culture. This last weekend I traveled for work. Some of us meet and chatted with the manager of a Mexican eatery…. He shared his heart, both frustrations and moments of deep joy. It was good to meet him. Connection to culture was made, even transient culture as he had not lived in the area for a long time. My husband is a navy chaplain. We currently live in San Diego. Prior to this we lived in Bahrain- go. And prior to this we lived in New York, serving the most amazing church in the Catskills. Before the military, we lived in Wisconsin, and in Marin Country of the San Francisco area. We were wed in this last location, it is completely stunning. And before this Ryan, my husband, was in Montana, and I was in Colorado, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. I have found that my heart has been tucked into and left in many of these lands. And I am grateful to be a part of a company that allows travel for incentives. I never want to settle for too long…. I have noticed that exploration of different ideas, and cultures, and hearing others stories expands my heart and my vision, it allows understanding, and growth, and wisdom. …so take my clothes, take my belongings— I will sit and weep over this atlas and the people and new ideas it represents and when I get the blessed honor to travel down the road or fly in a jet, I will be ever thankful, as those moments are my daydream. …yes, my husband proposed at an airport. …the photo was my go-to NYC breakfast from Grand Central
Adrenal and Thyroid issues aren’t a good mix if you’re looking for more energy. I’ve learned sometimes it takes looking for more of the puzzle pieces before getting the finished product. Looking for more energy? Have you tried these? 1. Limiting inflammatory foods and sugar intake. 2. One of my favorite probiotics has strains that helps and support the body during times of stress. 3. Not feeling guilty about sleep. Healing takes time sometimes that involves extra sleep. Also, taking Omega, Magnesium, and probiotics at night help momma sleep like a baby. 4. Exercise! In high school and college I pushed by body with intense workouts. Right now in this season my workouts look a little different and that’s okay! Finding exercises that get the heartbeat up and sweat coming out are still has affective as intense workouts. We don’t want to push those adrenals too hard.
This is the Conference that changes things!! As Women get on their knees, as sounds of Praise and cries of Longing fill the Sanctuary, sounds of Breakthrough are always heard. Refresh Women Rwanda is the place to be. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #proverbs #womanoffaith #god #women #christians #church #womanofgod #godlydating #godlymarriage #godlywomen #godlyquotes #godlyman #christianwoman #christianlife #jesus #jesuschrist #godlywife #christian #christianwomen #love #prayingwife #womenoffaith #pastor #godlyrelationships #christianmentalhealth #pastorswife #revival #prayerwarriors #godisable #faithfulwomen
*Yes!!! Won't He do it?* * 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 * *We are smack dab in the middle of some "great and mighty" things that God is doing...and I've never been so excited!* #HereIAm #LordSendMe #GodIsGoodALLTHETIME #GodIsGood #AlltheTime #ForMyGoodAndHisGlory #Ministry #YouthMinistry #PastorsWife #MinistryLife #PastorsWifeLife #AllThingsWorkTogether #Jeremiah333 #CalltomeandIWillAnsweryou
Oh ... my ... goodness ... . I can't tell you how nervous I am to have this profile go "live". . It's been a little thought bubble in my mind for awhile now. In fact, I've wrestled with how to share my faith journey so much that I had talked myself out of doing ANYTHING for months. . But I can't keep silent about how awesome God is and how real He is in my life. . This is my version of dipping my toes in the water, kind of like testing out how things will go. . This whole profile could evolve and grow. But for now, I just want to share my heart with you. I want to share the goodness of God. Whether that's in testimonies, prayer, devotional nuggets, etc. . There's a burning in my heart to encourage, equipped, and empower fellow Christ followers who may be feeling a little crushed by life lately. May this page serve as a reminder that you are loved, seen, and chosen. . I'm so excited to share more with you in the next few days. So for now, I'm going to duck out, take several deep breaths, and attempt to contain all my squeals of excitement. . Oh, and if you're joining me from @dwilliamsbooks picture me tackle hugging you. Welcome! I'm so glad you're here! . . . #pastorswife #ministrylife #faithjourney #Christcentered #seekHimfirst #faithinspired #aliveandredeemed
My 2nd job aside from homeschool mom 🤦‍♀️..........all......the.....time. At least he goes regularly 😂😂 . . . . #homeschoolers #adayinthelife #boymom #bigfamily #largefamily #pastorswife #christian #pottytime
Wesley’s first bottle! Shared in stories today a few baby essentials and @nanobebe_world breast milk bottles are one of those must-haves! Love that big brothers and daddy can feed baby. Judah and Hudson love it so much, my sweet big boys! 🖤 Also the nanobebe design helps preserve all the incredible breast milk nutrients for baby by cooling quickly and warming evenly within the bottle! Thank you @nanobebe_world, our whole family is in love. . . #momlife #pastorswife #momofboys #momblogger #teammotherly #boymomlife #momswithcameras #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodalive #happymama19 #parenthood_unveiled #momofthree #mommyhood #honestmotherhood #magicofchildhood #pixel_kids #teammom #clickinmoms #acupofmotherhood #babiesofinstagram #candidchildhood #littleandbrave #joyfulmamas #newbornessentials #newbaby #breastfeeding #letthembelittle #parenthood_moments
When you stare out into the world around you and see how far you have come. You can only but Give God praise. Your counsel might not be worth much but thank God for grace because in Time it will speak much 🙊😆 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Believe it Talk it Walk it. #positivethinking #quotes #inspirationalquotes #bloggers #christianblogger #motivation #positivewomen #women #pastorswife #favour #joy #marriage #Riseabove #motooftheday #prayers #dynamic #love #wombman #hope #tgif #laughter #happy #smile #christianity #God #thedynamicwombman #singles #bible #prayers #instamood #instagood
I love this man. He’s goofy, he’s silly, he has a huge heart — when people hurt, he hurts, when people rejoice, he rejoices for, and with them, just as much as he would as if it were his own victory. He’s an incredible father to our daughter, a caring husband to me and a friend who would do anything you asked of him, even if he feels beyond the point of exhausted. • He’s one of the hardest workers I know — he works hard to be a leader who equips and supports, he works hard to make sure our marriage is healthy and that I feel seen, he works hard to make sure Kinsley knows that both her heavenly and her earthly father love her. • There’s really no special reason for this post. He has a long week ahead of him and the more I’ve sat here and thought about him this afternoon , the more I just feel really grateful for the person he is and has become. ❤️
Flower pickin’ with my girl. 🌼
“His presence is the place we truly belong...”⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Comment below a fall emoji if you’ve already started making your home cozy with some fall touches 🍁🍂
De boefjes op schoolreisje ❤️ & ik een dagje helpen in de tuin 🌿✂️ . . #everydaylife #momlife #pastorswife #tommysfamily #pastorsfamily
Phil was walking the grounds to take measurements and plan out our next fall event on the Grace Valley property. We have so much wildlife that lives on the land, including the deer that makes a quick appearance in this video, as well as a fox and a turkey (which we can’t prove with photo evidence). 🙂
It was a great week @lifehousesv! VBS is always a lot of fun! So proud of my hubby who was a crew leader all week long. So proud of Elena and Johan as they helped in the different areas, they did so well and Gabriel did awesome as this was his official last VBS as an attendee. He’s already looking forward to being able to serve next year! #blessed #pastorswife #wouldntchangeathing #sierravista #vbs #church #family #southernarizona
Love my hubby, love my family, love my church family 🥰 I am blessed. We had such a great and fun night at LifeHouse Church. Johnny Rowlett and his beautiful wife Gale brought a timely Word for us. #lifehousesv #sierravista #pastorlife #pastorswife #church #family #bilingualchurch #lovingjesustogether
Sunday’s are long days but I wouldn’t change them for anything. Love my @lifehousesv family and I am so blessed by this amazing adventure God has us on. #lovingjesustogether #pastorlife #pastorswife #sierravista #church #family
We had an awesome time at the @bethel #leadersconference2018 #bethelleadersconference2018 My heart is overflowing 💕 Thank you @lifehousesv for sending us @pastorjavh. It’s been awesome. #lovingjesustogether #pastorlife #pastorswife #doinglifetogether #church #family