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“TOO QUICK FOR WORDS” ... !  Fifth Avenue / 32nd Street (NYC) … so this photographer  @jcaramelprincess … instead let the camera do the talking for her !  Pity though she couldn't catch up, so I’ve been told, to introduce herself personally … next time perhaps and so it goes in and around town :) ________________ Credit: J Caramel Princess Photos @jcaramelprincess Thank you my new friend, a real life princess, no doubt, for your “interest” and this “capture”. It was indeed a surprise to discover this photo and one other in my Instagram DM. And If it wasn't for a coworker friend of yours Vicki @vreecenc ... kind enough to relay these photos to me, who just happens to be a good IG friend I’ve known for 2 years, (although we never met either!), they might have never surfaced.  Imagine that ! Be it as it may, I hope one day to have the good fortune to meet you both but no need to call me "Waldo" :) ... In the interim, do stay the course ___________________________
From the hip. Literally. I took this during our mini photo walk in Boston yesterday while crossing an intersection. Love her red hair and green dress against the city alleyway and wanted to sneak a shot (not in a creepy way). I held the camera down at my hip walking by and shot a frame. I was so pleased it was in focus and I didn’t even have to straighten it. Which is funny as my shots usually need straightening! Anyhow, probably the only time a no peek shot has worked out for me. #streetphotography #streetstyle #streetportrait #street #fujifilm #xpro2 #fuji23mmf2 #redhead #redhair #newengland_igers #boston_igers #beautifulplaces #beautifulpeople
✨. And the sky is full of dreams but you don't know how to fly #Nikon #photography #sea #landscapephotography #thekillers
a big thanks to this young man and his friend @ariyxnna_ for letting me photograph them on the street today! #streetportrait #texturedbackground #allleyshots #shakopee #minnesota #mnphotographer #shadowsandlight #fujifilm #fujifilmxt2
Pushed around Veszprém, Hungary
Looking for compositions on a very busy Royal Mile is tricky at this time of year. I found a bit of peace towards the foot of the street and was interested in the graffiti reading- sober.