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Stranger than you think 🎃 *supermariobrosghosthousetheme* ____ #supermario #supermarioghosthouse #photography #photomontage #gaming #gamergirl #gamer #photoshop #psd
**HYAKARU AND KING BOO BACKSTORY 2** { "Do you feel better Boo?", the little girl asked the ghost she held in her arms. The ghost laughs quickly and makes happy noises. She smiles and is happy he is alright. } That's the part where she went into the dark corner with him to recover his pain from the bright light. If you want to read their backstory, check out my previous post! Hyakaru is my main OC and Boo belongs to the Mushroom Kingdom Universe! #hyakaruyuromaruhiroshisdrawings Click here to see all my drawings 🔝 #hyakaruyuromaruhiroshisocs Click here to see all my OC drawings 🔝 #drawings #oc #originalcharacter #games #nintendo #supermario #mushroomkingdom #supermarioboo #supermarioghosthouse #kingboo
**HYAKARU AND KING BOO** "Don't you worry my little child, i'll take gooo-hood care of you~" , King Boo says to the little girl. Yes, i'm planning a backstory for her and King Boo xD i love to combine my favourite characters of games and more with my OC's~ Just saying: I still don't know King Boo very well cause i didn't play Luigis Mansion yet (but i want to!) So if there are mistakes, i'll remake them when i get to know him better~ Backstory: Hyakaru was a little orphan child when she was a young toddler. She kinda managed to live on the streets but it was a hard life. One day she walked into the Ghost House, it was the only place where she could go without being invited or asking. She was a shy child and didn't had anything. The Boo's in the Ghost House never bothered her. She always enjoyed watching them spooking around. She always went there daily when she felt lonely. One day a Boo was being hurt and she discovered him in a corner of the house. She slowly moves to him to see if he is okay. He didn't care about her moving to him and she could also "touch" him without him hesitating. So she tried her best comforting him and recover his pain. He got more transparent cause of light and it hurted him. So she took him into the darkest corner of the house and kept him with her all the time until he recovered. They became the very best friends ever. One day he became the King of the Boo's and now he is raising the child. He will always be thankful for what she did for him. Thanks so much if you read until here, i appreciate that alot! #hyakaruyuromaruhiroshisdrawings Click here to see all my drawings 🔝 #hyakaruyuromaruhiroshisocs Click here to see all my OC drawings 🔝 #drawings #oc #originalcharacter #backstory #games #nintendo #supermario #mushroomkingdom #supermarioboo #supermarioghosthouse #kingboo