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there’s like five cats in my neighborhood i love them so much !!! three of them are brownish gray tabbies, one is garfield, and the other is black and owns my entire heart
everytime i hear memes pronounced as me mes i die inside
bottom left stovetop burner is my go to and probably always will be
Problem solved.
Guilty as charged. Turn on post notifications for this account so you don't miss a meme! . . . . . . . DM for credit
When she says she is fine but everything is NOT fine 🤯 🙈follow 🙉@real_tom_foolery🙊
<—— wholesome content here 🥳 via @tonieiring
Jerm bot has such a funny YouTube channel 100% recommend if you need a distraction
hope y’all get the job 😌💕
Wait. Why. Not?
I cud nvr 😬 -kim
<3 ☀️ give it up for our eldest and most done w ateezs bullshit, park seongwha!! ☀️ he deserves the world 🌍
Haha anyone one watch game of thrones ?
me. comment how you feel in an emoji!! i’m feeling 🌧
| Mi corazón te quiere Cada día estoy pensando en ti, mis lágrimas caen en toda mi cara, esta noche se vuelve oscura, los sentimientos recorren mi alma. No te consigo olvidar, el amor aún vive en mi pecho, la calma no llega, se hizo mañana. Vuelve y ámame otra vez, tú no me dejes, no huyas así ¿sí?, son sólo tormentas. No arranques raíces, la historia aún vive, no quiero estar solo. Haz un intento, recuerda, el tiempo pasa, no sueltes mis manos, no te olvides de mí. Me rondan recuerdos, mi alma aún no se cansa, mi corazón te quiere. Autor: Piereh Antoni
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sorry it’s so smol :(