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The 𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘 time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ I’m still on a high from this past weekend. I didn’t feel like I belonged there. I honestly felt like I was an imposter; who am I to be rubbing shoulders with top leaders on our team? But in an instant I realized I DID belong there. These women ARE my sisters. We fight the same battles, share insecurities and work to become the best version of ourselves. Because I said yes to this opportunity and the community of women I am blessed to do this business with, I’ve come a long way. As I look ahead, I have so much more I want to achieve and I’m EXCITED about it!! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ It’s taken me awhile to get here, but damn it feels good to sit in this space. #growthmindsetforwomen #womeninspiringwomen💞 #impostersyndromecansuckit #womeninleadershiproles #momswantingmore
This is happening TODAY! We're so excited to be co-leading the Women in Leadership roundtable today at 3:00pm. A big shoutout to our amazing knowledge partner @mckinseyco , and our fantastic host @ptc_inc #womeninleadership
@reachire is co-leading the next Massachusetts High Technology Council, Inc. Women in Leadership roundtable tomorrow- September 16th at at 3:00 pm! A big thank you to @ptc_inc for hosting us, and our terrific knowledge partner: @mckinseyco .
I woke up at 5:54 am yesterday and swung out of bed to start my day a workday that did not end until 10:00 pm. ⠀ I knew that it was going to be a busy one, so I sacrificed my morning exercise session. ⠀ ⠀ I've had these days many times before, but I rarely talk about them. In fact, most people who run their own businesses rarely talk about them. ⠀ ⠀ My business and the MLM company I align with gracefully allows me to work when I want, wherever I am in the world, and with whomever I choose. It also gives me the opportunity to have as much financial abundance as I want. ⠀ ⠀ BUT. ⠀ ⠀ All of that is not GIVEN to me, I have to earn it. ⠀ ⠀ There are many days (like yesterday) that I have to... ⠀ * work 12-18 hour days with zero financial compensation ⠀ * execute a new plan because the initial (or 100th) one failed to work ⠀ * leave my family for extended periods of time ⠀ * scream at my internal limiting beliefs to shut the F up ⠀ * spill all of my energy into creating content and programs that fill others ⠀ * face conflict and issues that are unpleasant ⠀ * confront the inner voice that tells me to just give up and get a job ⠀ ⠀ All of the above can be extremely trying, tough, and draining. Last week I thought about giving up 5-10 times. ⠀ ⠀ BUT. ⠀ ⠀ With all of that, there are a few things that I (and you) MUST remember. ⠀ * it's not about me, it's about the countless people I help ⠀ * I am rewarded by the lives that I change ⠀ * not every day is challenging, some are filled with ease ⠀ * my family sees my dedication and understands my purpose ⠀ * abundance comes in many forms ⠀ * failure will always bring forth lessons for growth and change ⠀ ⠀ So today as I prepare to head out for a 5-hour drive to meet and guide 16 amazing humans I am reminded how important it is to put everything into perspective. ⠀ ⠀ Life, business, relationships, workload, it's all hard and everyone has tough days where you want to quit. ⠀ ⠀ This is just a reminder to you, that you are not alone. ⠀ ⠀ With love. ⠀ Jenny B ⠀ ⠀ Post inspired by @iam_carolelizabeth ⠀ ⠀ #jennyb
Today’s inner peace and good mood brought to you by...Yoga! 🧘‍♂️🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏽‍♂️ I have a new Beginner Yoga group starting up...online via the comfort of your own home and on your own time schedule. If you’ve been wanting to try Yoga, come join me! Just message me or drop your favorite emoji below! 🙋‍♀️ No time? Only 30 minutes per day No mullah? SUPER inexpensive Freeyourmind No mo inflammation
Our staff aren’t just great at their jobs – their talents know no bounds, and we think our eclectic mix of skills make us stand out as a company. ••• Mabo Makhubu, SMEC Section Manager for Management Services, loved food from a very young age. She says, “My earliest memories are of Sunday lunch preparations at home or at my gran’s place. I successfully cooked my first roast at the age of nine years and I still have the small burn from the oven to celebrate the event. If I wasn’t in engineering, I would definitely be a chef – probably on my way to earning a Michelin star or two!” ••• Her love of food and cooking translates surprisingly well into leading social development projects, while working out of our Durban office in South Africa. ••• “I have to say that being able to put together different elements and making them work is something that translates into both my cooking and my career in social development.” ••• One project that stands out is the Zimbambele Poverty Alleviation Program, but to read more? Well, click on: https://lnkd.in/gctCSx5 . . . . #smec #70yearsofimpact #chefprodigy #childprodigy #michelinstarchef #talentknowsnobounds #servicemanagement #sundayroast #lunchatgrandmas #ovenburn #womeninengineering #womeninstem #womenchefs #socialdevelopmentprogram #socialdevelopment #durban #zimbambelepovertyalleviationprogram #sectionmanager #sustainableworld #disadvantaged #projectcoordinator #womeninleadershiproles #womenleadership #engineeringcompany #talentedengineer #chefinthemaking #southafricanengineering #durbanengineers
At first, she was a CLIENT looking to take her holistic health to the next level. ⠀ ⠀ Then we linked arms on a MISSION to empower others to take control of their health. ⠀ ⠀ And through it all, she became one of my RIDE OR DIE besties. ⠀ ⠀ The one human that I can be 100% weird with, who I can count on to always have my back, and who is as beautiful as they come! ⠀ ⠀ #soblessed ⠀ ⠀ Introduce me to one of your besties by tagging them below and tell them why they mean so much to you! ⠀
This morning I had the pleasure of touring Lancaster County’s first black-owned pharmacy, Qwik-Med in Columbia, PA (they deliver across the County). I saw some great prices for essential oils and natural remedies! #qwikmedpharmacy #columbiapa #blackownedpharmacy #newbusiness #lancastercountypa #pharmaciesthatdeliver #blackownedbusiness #womeninleadershiproles #smallbusiness #localbusiness
We are excited to introduce our next 2019 Business Leader of Color, @realtvmom Teri Arvesu, Vice President of Content, @unichicago Univision Chicago! Under Arvesu’s leadership, Univision Chicago won the Emmy for Best Evening Newscast in the Chicago market in 2014, the first Spanish language television station to achieve this distinction. @univision @uninoticias #LeadingBoldly #leadersofcolor #womeninleadership
Smarty Jewels: This is a key jewel to being a successful leader! By the way, you don’t have to have a Leadership title to Lead! Leaders lead in any role they have. Most people don’t mind feedback and they want to grow! But how you approach them is key. I can teach you, your teams and organization how to master this! I had to practice this and be very deliberate about getting this one right. When you have a strong, confident, direct personality you really have to be very mindful of how you rub others. But if you care about changing and growing it can be done! 💎💜 #growthmindset #leadershipdevelopment #motivationalquotes #corporateevents #organizationalculturechange #womeninleadershiproles #education #credentias #selfimprovement #lifelonglearning
I’m speaking SOMEONE’S language over here…!! 💗💗💗 The BIG thing I used to be afraid of? COMPLACENCY The idea of waking up years from now in the exact. same. place. No progress. What if you set yourself to ALWAYS: 💗 Choosing ACTION over inaction (even a small step is better than nothing!) 💗 Throwing out the concept of “failure” (there is no such thing- only learning!) 💗 Learning new skills because it’s part of the process (**Nothing insane, just daily effort! Podcast there, video here…. something!) How would life look different?
It's that time again, we're back with another seminar/meetup in Moorgate, London. I will be sharing my golden nuggets to getting to the top of the career ladder or lead your business to success. 💷 And as always it's all about you, so don't worry you'll get plenty of time to network and meet amazing people after and before the short seminar. ✨ Come and join us on Wednesday evening at WeWork. Register now, it's free to attend, the link is in the bio and I personally look forward to meeting you. 📲
Congrats to our COO Paula Brannon for being recognized at the CFO awards from the North Bay Business Journal. #womeninleadershiproles #womeninspiringwomen #vinesolutions #lovewhatyoudo #northbaybusinessjournal
The 2019 Business Leaders of Color will be formally honored at the Bridge Awards Dinner on Nov. 7. Today we congratulate Aurora Austriaco @auroraaustriaco, Partner/Shareholder, Valentine, Austriaco, & Bueschel P.C. on being selected! Austriaco immigrated from the Philippines in 1983 and is currently a one-third owner of a successful, all-women owned law firm. #leadingboldly #womeninlaw #chicagobusinesswoman
It’s FREE and... You can bring friends! Can it get any better? Why, YES it can...F-U-N and prizes! 🥳 Need a kick-start with your nutrition and health? Been thinking about joining one of my groups but, you’re just not sure what it’s all about??? 🤔 I will provide you with: 👉🏻 5 days of simple budget friendly, mom approved meals and a grocery list. 👉🏻 Tips, tricks, and tools on clean eating and how to incorporate it into your everyday family’s lives. 👉🏻 FUN and PRIZES with other like minded people ready to have more energy and feel BETTER with their food choices. 👉🏻 Prep Day so your week can be more relaxing during dinnertime, and you have healthy food options ready to eat in the fridge! 👉🏻A daily workout with a new move each day! Oh, and it's FREE?!?!? Yep! All you have to do is drop me a GIF or an emoji will work too below OR...send me a message and I’ll be sure to add you to the private Facebook group! 😃 And don't forget to share or tag someone that you think would like to participate, because when it comes to healthy eating, exercise, the more the merrier!!! Starts Sept 2nd. ***Please no coaches or anyone working with a coach already.
This picture. This smile. THIS....is an award I received from my Coach Team. 💓 It’s not for fitness. It’s not for business. It’s for my Positive Mindset. That’s right, for MY Positive Mindset. 🥳 Crazy, huh? BUT, if you knew where my head was before and my story to come back...well, you’d understand. THAT story ebbs and flows but, involves Corporate America as well as personal “stuff” and all the s*it that was swirling around in my blonde/red/ish head. 😉 Our TEAM is the most amazing group of women, EV-er. We support and cheer each other on, from the beginning. A “seester-hood” like I’ve never experienced. My mindset is their mindset. 💕 Our TEAM taught me to dig deep. Yes, we’re all about our Health BUT, more about our minds that take us to good health. Every day, I read. My devotional in the morning. I listen. On the way to work. On the way home from work. A positive mindset is work. BUT, I’m willing to work for my happiness and my peace. Do I ever have a down moment or day? Absolutely. Sometimes it’s okay to let yourself “feel” but, beyond that...I now have the tools to “undown”. Need ideas? I would ❤️ love to share my Positive mindset “tricks of the trade” with you. 😄
Today is Women’s Equality Day. I believe that Women owned Businesses and women in leadership is the way to equality for women. We at Stay Polished want to create opportunities for women and support women in their business endeavors. One of my core missions and the reason I started this business was to create a place that women could not only balance career and motherhood, but integrate it. Most times at our events you will see both staff and client’s kids in tow. I will often babysit for our team of artists and vendors. I love seeing our business owners bringing their daughter’s to networking events. It’s a rare work day that I don’t have someone’s baby on my hip. Our goal is to help you thrive and create a community of support. #womensequalityday
Congratulations to Nichole Barnes Marshall, Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at @lbrandsinc, for being named one of @savoynetwork’s 2019 "Most Influential Women in Corporate America!" Nichole is also a Chicago United 2017 Business Leader of Color. #womeninleadershiproles #influencialwomen
Working on us, one day at a time! 😍😍😍
Happy Friday! Did you guys know that "companies with women executives at the helm tend to perform better than those led by men." It's time to start believing in ourselves ladies and start persuing more leadership roles! We are more than capable of running offices of any kind! The talent within us will be what changes the world for the better! . . Empowering Marginalized Women & Girls Inc
In my previous posts, I have stressed about being confident at work or being confident within yourself. Here are 5 ways to build confidence in yourself: ✅ Set yourself up to win ✅ Affirm Yourself ✅ Do one thing that scares you every day ✅ Care for yourself ✅ Visualize yourself where you want to be Try these 5 tips and you will notice how your confidence level changes. If you want to be part of a fun community then join my FREE FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/475394869690954/?ref=share #buildselfconfidence #confidence #youcandoit #setuourselfforawin #empoweringwomen #empowerment #handleyourbusiness #businessbabes #careertips #womeninleadershiproles #leaders #management #womenncareer #womenmoveup #personaldevelopment
Last night I attended my first Economic Alliance Networking Event. What an honor and pleasure to meet so many fabulous people, especially the black women leaders of Snohomish County, Washington. As a special note—my board chair for EvCC, Dr. Betty Cobbs and my vice chair, Toraya Miller are standing to my right. I’m so blessed to have this level of support as a new leader in the community. #blackgirlsrock #womeninleadership #womeninleadershiproles #imsoblessed
What's your definition of living your best life? Mine is walking and working in my purpose Doing the things you are meant to do inspires you and motivate you to action. Come let me help YOU Activate Your Brilliance! See link in bio for free strategy call . #activateyourbrilliance #confidemcecoach #confidentleadership #womeninleadershipdevelopment #womeninleadershipconference #womeninleadershiproles #dove #goldmansachstower
Are you a female teacher in wishing to progress into a leadership role? ⠀ Are you returning to teaching after taking a career break?⠀ Are you a female teacher considering flexible working or part time roles? ⠀ Do you believe you could benefit from coaching? ⠀ ⠀ If so, the @educationgovuk Women in Leadership Coaching Pledge could be for you! ⠀ ⠀ As the appointed national provider for the Coaching Pledge for 2019-2020, we will be hosting a number of taster events across England for women teachers and volunteer coaches(both men and women). ⠀ ⠀ To find out more information and to register your interest in an event near you, please visit the Teaching Schools Council website and search "Coaching Pledge"⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #womenineducation #womened #coachingpledge #indiversecompany #coachingtips #careercoaching #teachingresource #departmentofeducation #womeninleadership #womeninleadershiproles #coaching #coachingforwomen #teachinginUK #UKteachers
Standing up to speak in front of a group of women looking to make serious impact in their careers. Look out Central Coast, we have some awesome women rising up! #theopportunitycollective #careerplanning #careerplan #womeninleadership #womeninleadershiproles #centralcoast #careercoach #careercoachingforwomen
When your Hair Stylist ROCKS your new color/cut and it perfectly lines up with your workout schedule - Stretch Day! 👏🏼 No major sweat. 😉 No need to redo my new “Do”! 💃💃💃
Why is my hair up in the air? Because I just read an article giving words to thoughts I have had for a long time. The way to attract more competent leaders, and especially female leaders is by transforming the way we understand and consider leadership. We must appreciate and acknowledge female qualities in leadership. Yes, I mean it. Most of us are biased and do not necessarily see how leadership is tied up to a certain behaviour and emotions (and the lack of it). Women should not change to be like men! #femalequalities #leadership #transformation #bias #attract #womeninleadership #womenhelpingwomen #womeninleadershiproles #female #change #emotions #behavior #competentleader #corporate #global #femaleempowerment #newvoicesleadership #optimist
I love how M.M. Has stepped into and up to the role of raising the ceiling for all of us women who believe that leadership and love run in our veins. Thank you #meganmarkle. #meganandharry #womenempowerment #womenhelpingwomen #womeninspiringwomen #womensupportingwomen #womeninleadership #womeninleadershiproles #womenrule
I love how M.M. Has stepped into and up to the role of raising the ceiling for all of us women who believe that leadership and love run in our veins. Thank you #meganmarkle. #meganandharry #womenempowerment #womenhelpingwomen #womeninspiringwomen #womensupportingwomen #womeninleadership #womeninleadershiproles #womenrule
“What makes you think there isn’t a path?” Following on from my last post about purpose. While I have had clarity about my purpose here for many years (to love and heal) I have sometimes struggled to always know the ways in which I am best able to do that. Recently I have been re-evaluating everything (more about that another time) in my life, including my business. . I’ve been experiencing frustration at myself for not having clear answers. I ‘know’ I need to give myself grace during times of transition and change and I do it much of the time, but we humans like certainly and that desire for a clearly labeled future is strong and sometimes intrusive, and if I’m honest... she can be a little snarky and impatient. . This morning in savasana at the end of my yoga class my teacher was asking questions and I can’t recall the exact prompt, but I had this thought, or perhaps it was an inner (or outer) voice of wisdom, anyway the message was this: “your purpose is to heal and love, what made you think there wasn’t a path?” . I don’t know why I thought that. This moment felt like a moment of clarity and a reminder to give myself and this process grace. . Life always needs more Grace!
“You’ve got to do the inner work” This statement annoyed me for a really long time. In my logical mind I knew that having a positive attitude, managing my energy, meditating, and practicing daily gratitude were important. I knew that eating a well balanced, clean diet was important too. I knew, logically, all the things that were required because...hey, I read the books, did the research, and followed the coaches. I really believed I was doing the WORK! But what I realized was that certain patterns kept coming up. 🤚🏻Eating when I was stressed 🤚🏻Sabotaging progress in my business 🤚🏻Feeling I had to know more 🤚🏻Over-scheduling my life All these patterns were the very things that were holding me back from the place I knew I was more than capable of going. What was missing was that I was not dealing with my DEEP routed beliefs around worthiness, shame, and self-image. Until I was willing to release the patterns that were creating the conditions I said I didn’t want, nothing shifted. This is the WORK! And to be real...it’s something I continue to work on every day. I have not “arrived “, I’m not sure you ever do, but I am willing to keep going. Have you been stuck in an old cycle? How did you shift out of it? • • • • • • • • • • #limitingbeliefs #unlockyourpotential #levelup #mindsetwork #reprogramming #selfdevelopmentbooks #mentorship #coachingprograms #foodfreedom #healthgoals #healthymindandbody #shameless #nashvillegulch #thejourney #femalebossclub #leadershipdevelopment #thanks #womeninleadership #womeninleadershiproles #morningritual #meditationspace
There is a place for ALL of us! TEAM Courage! We said yes to something that has forever changed our lives. A Community like none other. When each of us started, it was for our health. Most to lose weight. 👏🏼 None of us knew that we would find a family - a family of positive, like-minded women all sharing a common goal. That goal, our mission; to help other women find solutions to their struggles with nutrition and fitness. To share what we found worked for us. We may live all across the U.S. but, thanks to technology we connect on a daily basis supporting and cheering each other on. 👊🏼 The sense of support and community and love is always there. These ladies welcome with open arms, I never felt uncomfortable or out of place. I never knew this type of community existed- one for all and all for one! And the best part - it just continues to grow and get better! The purpose. The Passion. It’s hard to explain unless you’re here with us. If your missing THIS sense of belonging, reach out and let's chat. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Don’t see yourself as a Coach? Neither did I. How do I get started? Start by working on you. That’s it - it’s that simple. ❤️
A day for the forever memories! ❤️
Until August 20th the FREE Confident Self-Leadership Course is available on teachable.com Here’s the short version of the central story from the course that underpins the transformation from playing it safe to living boldly. There are three colors in this world: green, orange, and yellow. And there are two ways to live: the first way is to be YOU. All of you, unashamedly. Living into your values, beliefs, opinions, and who you want to be. You are owning the lifestyle you are living and just embracing YOU. When you live this way, you are being green for yourself. But, there is another way to live. You think about how you can please the people around you and mold yourself into the person they will accept. You leave your values and opinions behind and show up as the person you think they want you to be. When you live this way you are people pleasing and not being authentic to who you really are. You are being yellow for yourself. Here’s the thing. When we are living and being yellow for ourselves, those people around us feel yellow for us too. So while we can fit into any group, we aren’t showing our authentic selves. We’re not offering our opinions or unique ways of viewing the world. We’re saying, “If you’re OK with me, I can be OK with me too.” Tying our own sense of self worth to whether or not others accept us ultimately leads to a lot of dissatisfaction. When we live green we are authentically, congruently, being ourselves. We’re boldly saying, “I’m OK with me!” and we attract people who are green for us. They hear us, they see us, and they like being around us. They resonate with what we say, seek out our opinions, and share our same values. We attract people who are true fans of who we are! Now, if you are living this way, not everyone is going to feel green about you. Some people are orange for you. They don’t get you, they don’t like what you have to say, and they don’t agree with your values, beliefs, or lifestyle. They tend to avoid you. They just aren’t your people. When we are living green, we tend to repel those people who are orange for you. The secret to living your best life..get rid of yellow!
Chicago United congratulates Ann Marie Wright, U.S. Chief Auditor at BMO Financial Group, for being named one of Savoy Magazine's 2019 "Most Influential Women in Corporate America!" Harris is also a Chicago United 2013 Business Leader of Color. @savoynetwork @bmoharrisbank
My daughter, Nicole! So freakin’ proud of her... Down 40 lbs... All cuz she had the courage to say, YES YES! to her health... 😍
Years ago I went on a meditative hypnotic journey to discover my purpose and had a profound experience of knowing that I am here to heal and to love. It’s often true that we find our calling in the work we most need ourselves. So I have walked the path of healing and love, and I have come a long way, and I know there is always more pathway ahead for me to walk. So I am a guide of sorts, with my training as a therapist to guide healing, and my experience as a coach to guide expansive love. Healing past wounds, traumas and hurts so that my clients can love fully: themselves, others and their lives. This draws me to work with individuals and couples who are ready to do the healing work which opens them to live and love more deeply and meaningfully than before. When we are injured, we are distracted with trying to protect our wounds from further injury. We often limit what we can do just in case we are wounded further in the process. When we do the deep work of healing, we awaken to new possibilities for how we live and what we can do. This is magical transformative work. This calls on courage as we build trust that we can do what we truly want to do without further injury. In time, what we do changes, our boundaries change, our relationships change, our work life changes, our mood changes, how we eat, sleep, breath, sing, move and love changes…we are changed. My wish for each of us is that we commit to the healing that opens our lives to all the love in the world, all the love within us, and that we fulfill our purpose. I’ve never figured out what to call my work or found a job title that feels expansive and inclusive enough…so for today, I’m simply a guide. . . . . . . #femalepreneur #solopreneurs #herbusiness #femaleboss #successstory #realsuccess #realsuccessstory #confidentwomen #selfleadership #selfleadershipcoach #hypnotherapist #traumacoach #traumacoaching #wellnesscoaching #leadershipcoach #wellnesslife #leadershipcoach #everydayleadership #womeninleadershiproles #rachelmoore #rachelmoorecoach #posttraumaticgrowth #traumahealing #healingtrauma
Congratulations to Kalvin Chow @bosschow for your first CIZZY Bridal Australia staff meeting and Awards presentation!! . A special thank you for my invitation as Guest Speaker. I hope we all have inspired and motivated your team!! #womeninleadership 🥂🥂🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️ . Website: www.cizzybridalaustralia.com . . #bridal #cizzybridal #awards #meetingroom #presentations #motivational #inspirational #guestspeakers #womeninleadership #womeninleadershiproles
Congratulations to Kalvin Chow @bosschow for your first CIZZY Bridal Australia staff meeting and Awards presentation!! 🥂🥂🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️ . Website: www.cizzybridalaustralia.com . . #bridal #cizzybridal #awards #meetingroom #presentations #motivational #inspirational #guestspeakers #womeninleadership #womeninleadershiproles
STRONG AS A MOTHER 💪🏻 Just remember that every little baby step, every inch forward, every day that we choose to show up for ourself.💗 It all counts and it all matters. 👊🏻 We ALL start at the beginning. 👏🏼 And a LOT can change with the right plan and over time, not overnight. We can all get there. One day, one week, one month, one year at a time. You’ve got this ! 🙌🏻 PS. My Virtual Fit Club is open and ready to welcome, YOU! DM me if you to join! 😘
The MUN MOGULS DELEGATION @mun_moguls to The Future We Want Model United Nations Professional Certificate NYC @fwwmun visit the United Nations Headquarters New York City!@unitednations ‼️swipe for more‼️ We are so excited that We get to make these ladies ( @hasini___97 and @shanya_elango ) dreams of 15 years become reality!!😊🙏🏼 This can be possible for you too!! Join our delegation today!! @mun_moguls #munmoguls #fwwmun #unitednationsheadquarters #womeninleadershiproles
The MUN MOGULS DELEGATION @mun_moguls to The Future We Want Model United Nations Professional Certificate NYC @fwwmun visit the United Nations Headquarters New York City!@unitednations ‼️swipe for more‼️ I’m so excited that I get to make these ladies ( @hasini___97 and @shanya_elango ) dreams of 15 years become reality!!😊🙏🏼 This can be possible for you too!! Join our delegation today!! @mun_moguls #munmoguls #fwwmun #unitednationsheadquarters #womeninleadershiproles
I’ve become a geek over sunrises since we moved to the country! So peaceful. So humbling. Can’t believe this is where we live. Be Still and Know. ❤️
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will #whydoubting #itsok #dodomawoman #womeninleadershiproles
My favorite part of today: 🤗 Hubby: What’s our workout today, babe? ME: It’s Fight Club. It’s only 30 minutes, we can modify where needed. Hubby: I’ll do whatever you want. I’m in this with you. ❤️
Appreciate who you are and what you do with your whole heart. I've wasted so much time wishing I was some other character, on some other set, reading some other lines in this life story... it's taken a lot of years to sort through what they said, what I heard, what I saw, and what I thought, to realize what's beneath it all... There is joy, there is beauty, there is love. It can be simple, and we have to practice. Reorient yourself every day... to where you are and who with, to what you're doing and why. Gratitude will grow there. 🌱 #yogateacher #yogagoals #yogamargismemes #margimemes #yogatherapy #yogatherapist #yogamemes #alaskayoga #alaskayogini #SelfCareGuru #yogaprofessional #healingtrauma #professionalcounselor #licensedprofessional #inspirationalquotes #yogainspiration #inspirationboard #encouragement #wordsofencouragement #encouragementquotes #positivepsychology #arttherapy #emotionalwellness #naturetherapy #therapytools #therapyhelps #empowermentmoment #daringgreatly #girlboss #womeninleadershiproles
So, this happened today. If my hair is any indication, you know the name of this workout says it all. 😂 28 minutes later...workout #4 in.the.books! 👊🏼
Happy “13th” Birthday to our Griffin! ❤️ I can’t believe that our G-Baby #1 is 13, already! It seems like yesterday that we got the call, it’s Griffin’s “BIRTH-day and we were off for a 15 hour car ride to Pensacola Naval Base! 👏🏼 He’s the kindest, best-est kiddo - he has a HUGE heart and best Big Bro, EV-Er! He’s the first one to lend his hand, even when he’s playing football. He’s intense, tackles hard and reaches down and pulls them up! And, even though he wants to be an Oklahoma Sooner (vs. a Buckeye), we love him just as hard! 🤗 So, help me wish this A-mazing Kiddo a Happy “13”! We love you, GMT! 🎂
Craving all the healthy...Yes! 😍 ✅ Corn & Spinach Shell ✅ Tilapia ✅ Homemade Veggie Slaw ✅ Tomatoes - Garden Fresh!
I'm tired of all the articles and "studies" that are trying so hard to figure out why women aren't reaching "the top" (never mind my beef 🥩 with the assumption that that's the only thing we should be striving for in the first place). . They cite logistical challenges like affordable daycare or unequal pay or the availability of mentors or opportunities. For those who do encounter these hurdles, we should definitely fix that 💪. . But for millions of us, we're not #hotmess #workingmoms with Cheerios in our laptop bags 💼 and spit-up on our pantsuits. We don't struggle to #haveitall (impressive, high-powered jobs + a happy, healthy family) because of logistical challenges or inequality. . We JUST DON'T WANT "it all". We don't want those high-level positions and the inhumane expectations that come along with them. 🙅🏻‍♀️ . We prefer the balance and sanity that comes with mid-level positions that allow us to leave the office at 5pm and spend the evening with our families. . We aren't failures or anti-feminists just because we don't want to #climbtheladder. We just value our health, happiness, and our roles as partners and mothers more than we do our job title. End of story.
Fierce. Love. Me. My daughter. That’s US. ❤️ If you would have told me 5 years ago that I’d be a Coach with a Team of women, working on ourselves together I would have called you (and me) crazy. Lol. But, now...I can’t imagine NOT doing this! I’ve worked many years in Corporate America as a manager/leader of people and never have I had the passion and drive that I have now - it’s my purpose and I love sharing it with other women. Helping them with their health, positive mindset and finding their passion and purpose. It’s a feeling like none other. If you want that - health, positive mindset and purpose. Just message me - I’d love to share.